This is Not a Joke

Some might say that all the big problems have been solved and these days the biggest threats to our well-being are self-imposed issues like global warming and sports injuries.  However we should not forget that we’re still grappling with some really serious issues, from drug addiction to terrorism.  People might try to make light of them, but remember – it’s not a joke.  We must take them seriously or they will get the better of us and destroy civilization as we know it. Continue reading This is Not a Joke

The Somalian Candidate

The Libertarian Party has been infiltrated by military and oil industry operatives whose goal is to discredit the party by equating it with hedonism, libertinism and anarchy.  This was made obvious at the LP convention this past weekend in Orlando.  People jeered the candidate for supporting the state’s right to issue drivers’ licenses, and a fat guy strip-teased down to a thong.  The party’s philosophy can be summed up as “fiscally conservative, socially liberal”.  Yet these displays were cartoonish parodies of the principles for which responsible party members have fought for decades. Continue reading The Somalian Candidate


Advocating for the financial decoupling of government and business.

No more bailouts.  Let the free market function.  Educate, not regulate.

Education Not Regulation

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The purpose of government is to protect the population.  And while our government has served this purpose well over the last 200 years, it has now gone too far.  It’s time that we take back the responsibility to protect ourselves.  We no longer need the government to watch out for us.  In the past we were too busy or ignorant of banking systems and healthcare to make informed decisions for how to spend our money.  These days, with the level of education that most of us have, and the widespread use of the internet in which information flows freely, we are more than capable of protecting ourselves and our families without big government ‘help’.  In fact, the problems that our nation faces today in banking, healthcare, and other areas are a direct result of our desire for government to take care of us.

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Addiction: The Compulsion is Real

Some people think that addiction is a moral failing, while others are certain it is a progressive disease of the brain. In fact it is neither: addiction is a built-in compulsion with roots in adverse childhood experiences that is triggered chemically by drugs and alcohol later in life. Excessive drug use is not in itself a bad thing – it is just a ‘short-circuit’ attempt to restore the mind to its natural state of symbiosis and equanimity in society, even if the material ‘price paid’ is very high. If not caught in time, however, the compulsion takes on a life of its own and can spiral out of control – resulting in overdose, death, or worse. Continue reading Addiction: The Compulsion is Real

How to Solve the Opiate Addiction Crisis

The opiate addiction crisis is killing kids across the country.  Over a hundred young people are dying every day from opiate addiction.  This crisis affects rich and poor alike, and both successful people and failures.  Recently Prince died of a percocet overdose.  He was known to have started developing an addiction recently.  His death shined a light on the problem.  Can anything be done?

Yes! Lots! Continue reading How to Solve the Opiate Addiction Crisis

Sacred Principles of the Holy Qu’ran (Western Edition)

  1. Destabilize neighboring countries with a War on Drugs/Terror/Hate Speech/etc.
  2. Hire the refugees as cheap labor to cook, clean and build stuff for you.
  3. Give them too-generous social services to foster idleness and resentments.
  4. After several years discover that it was actually an ‘invasion’ and they are raping and killing your people and running them over while drunk.
  5. Blame it all on the ruling party, which you regret ever voting for in the first place.
  6. Launch a witch hunt against the ‘invaders’ and build a wall to trap them in.
  7. Round them up with Ruger X9s. (Save the V5s for the muslims and/or blacks.)
  8. Shoot the men and rape the women.
  9. When you run out of victims, look back and say you don’t know how it came to this and you’re really sorry.
  10. Commit your nation’s wealth to increased funding for mental illnesses, learning disorders and social justice initiatives.
  11. Bully anyone who recounts these Principles as ‘delusional’.
  12. Rinse and repeat.  Allah Akhbar!

My Robots

I’m going to create a couple robots and keep them in my house and take care of them but if they disobey me then I will kick them out and make them live in the wild and then if they reproduce themselves and are nasty and kill each other and ruin the earth, then I will destroy them except for any that seem good, whom I will save, and promise never to do that again, and then if they start building stuff and try to rival me then I will confuse them and scatter them and then I will have to suffer millenia of their bitching and moaning about what an evil jerk I am and probably don’t even exist anyway. But I’ll still love them.

Addiction is a Disease!

I always claimed that addiction was created by AA.  However I’ve discovered proof that it existed as a disease well before.   Here is a quote from an article in the prestigious British Journal of Medicine from 1880 entitled “Chronic Morphinism”:

Chronic Morphinism is, it seems, a vice which appertains peculiarly to the medical profession in Austria.  Quite an incredible number of Dr Obersteiner’s colleagues have fallen victim to it; and he hints, not obscurely, that in his view there is poetical justice in the fact that this depraved and fatal taste should work most havoc among the class of men who, by carelessly prescribing the drug and instructing in the use of the hypodermic syringe, have been mainly instrumental in disseminating it. Continue reading Addiction is a Disease!

A House Divided

A house divided against itself cannot stand. I believe this government cannot endure, permanently, half slave and half free. I do not expect the Union to be dissolved — I do not expect the house to fall — but I do expect it will cease to be divided.   Abraham Lincoln, 1858

Lincoln’s prediction was in large part a response to the infamous Dred Scott Supreme Court decision a year earlier which effectively turned Illinois into a slave state by stripping traveling slaves of their rights.  By this time slavery was simply unconscionable to much of the North and Lincoln recognized that the situation had become untenable.  It’s not clear whether he intended his Biblical allusion as a prophecy or threat.  But he certainly might have added, “And I will lead the nation to war to prove it.”  Which he did, 3 years later.  The South protected their franchise on exploitation and mischief tenaciously, killing half a million Northerners.

imagesThe Civil War is still being waged to this day by moral relativists who insist it was “not about slavery but states’ rights.”  They believe that morality is determined the vicissitudes of power and buttress their claim with facts like “Slavery still exists in places around the world.”  As if slavery isn’t as evil as we were lead to believe, or maybe we don’t really care about it after all. Continue reading A House Divided


Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. (Matthew 7:15)

Italy boasts one of the highest youth unemployment rates in Europe, at around 45%.  Worker ‘protections’, a high minimum wage, and centuries of encrusted regulations on business make hiring inexperienced young workers risky and unprofitable.  The more ambitious among them have abandoned their country of birth in search of greener pastures, including in the US, whose corresponding unemployment rate is under 20%.  Nevertheless, the Pope saw fit to come here and and lecture us on the dangers of unbridled capitalism, and to extol the memory of Thomas Merton, a psychic and mystic, and Dorothy Day, a socialist who fought for greater worker protections.   Continue reading Countercyclicals

Cooties for Grownups

Ye have been rebellious against the Lord from the day that I knew you.  (Deut. 9:24)

Cooties and alcoholism are two devastating scourges both characterized by denial, the persistence in which only ‘proves’ you are already afflicted.  Whereas cooties is more likely to infect children, alcoholism and addiction tend to affect adults, especially by middle age, when they recount a long sordid history of substance abuse and mischief in AA drunkalogs, before coming to acceptance after decades of denial: the 12 Steps saved them from the deathly disease, which will surely be your own undoing.  The strength of denial has a perfectly scientific explanation, as Nora Volkow of NIDA explains: ‘Addiction is a disease of free will’.  She would know, as her own grandfather died of it.  (As compared to say Bolshevism, which while just as deadly, has not yet been associated definitively with any dopaminergic pathways.)


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