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The purpose of this site is to expose the Myth of Addiction.  There is no such thing as drug or alcohol addiction.  All addicts are either liars, or brainwashed by the 12 Step cults.  It is a huge conspiracy promulgated primarily by Alcoholics Anonymous, with the support of the rehab, law enforcement, and entertainment industries.

We believe that by exposing the the myth, and by expressing the true reasons for drug use, we will make the world a better place for everyone.  Hopefully this will end the drug war (which seems to be ending on its own), end the suffering of ‘addicts’ and their ‘loved ones’, and we will no longer waste good money on ‘rehab’.  We also hope to end the cruel practice by AA sponsors of brainwashing new members into excessive drug use and then placing wagers and bounties on their lives for the purpose of increasing the mortality of the cult (which they then tout as scientific proof of their disease via the National Institutes of Drug Abuse).

This site’s goal is to expose the truth. We would like to publish your video testimonial of how you faked an addiction to manipulate others, and of the people who were manipulated by the myth.

If you would like to participate in this project, please contact us at info@addictionmyth.com.  If you were an ‘addict’ and now wish to expose ‘Addiction’ to all for what it really is, your voice will make a difference, we want to hear from you!

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  1. How about the fake disease of co-dependency and the al-anon cult? Would love your views on that one. I drank the kool-aid and thanks to you and orange, I am purging it.

    1. Actually I’m a little confused by al-anon. From what I can tell, they say “We didn’t cause it, we can’t cure it.” Which sounds like an anti-co-dependency message. I never attended an al-anon meeting. So I really don’t know how they do it. Maybe they just teach people to tolerate the addict instead of kicking them to the curb.

  2. Just wondering who “they” are that you are so freaked out by “them.” Maybe you should see a doctor for those parnoid voices in your head. Just saying….

  3. I have been to a picinic , a rodeo and a worlds fair and that has got to be the stupidest thing I have ever heard. Just to quote slim pickings.
    Really now, we are pattern people ; we all are to one extent or another. Have been in the rooms for a couple three 24 hrs and have sponsored /12th stepped hundreds of people. All successfully. I have not took drunk once..
    One thing I have learned is the patterns of soderity. Yes they are patterns . The first one is the God card ” I dont believe in a higher power” . The second one is the one I just read .”A A is a cult, they are trying to brain wash me “. Well the way most people are when they end up here they need a good brain washing and ussally a bath to boot.
    The fact is that on a national average only 4 % will make it to long term sobrity. (5 years or more). Another fact is genetic in nature. It has been proven that alcoholics carry a genetic marker that gives them a high disposition to addiction. Dont believe just look at the battle the insurance companies fought with the supreme court over the ruling that alcoholism was a disease.
    So in conclusion drink up, smoke some more of that dope , eat some more pills and if you dont die or end up in jail we will save a seat for you.

  4. “There is no such thing as drug and alcohol addiction.” Seriously? Prove it. And I do mean prove it with scientific data from multiple reliable sources, and prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt. Also, HOW EXACTLY does AA, the government and Hollywood benefit from the supposed lie of addiction? Wait..I’m sure you have a very lengthy conspiracy theory on that, just stick to proving it for now.

    1. First of all, you can’t disprove a religion. It’s like trying to disprove Christianity or Buddhism. And secondly, it is a religion and a lie, which you perpetuate constantly when you drink normally while claiming that if you had just one drink or drug you will die on the spot (or at least run around like a chicken with your head cut off looking for a fat chick to sleep with and then threaten to kill yourself and others via DUI if you can’t find it). And then go to a meeting (which you claim not to go to) and tell a stupid story of how someone cut you off in traffic and you didn’t pull a gun on them like you would have done in your drinking days when you were powerless to alcohol but now have found ‘peace and serenity’ which can be available to this young newcomer if only they would admit that they too are powerless just like you were. (And you can demonstrate some secret techniques to ‘stay sober’ too if only they will confess to you their sins and deepest insecurities.)

      You want proof? Just post your drunkalog and see for yourself.

  5. if the myth of addiction is promoted by AA, who did it before AA was founded? The idea of addiction has been documented for over 3000 years. The treatment industry in the 1800’s was huge. Morphine addiction after the civil war was so common among veterans it was called the soldiers disease. So was that AA fault too?

  6. Great Sorrow! This site is the perfect example of an agnostics. Without knowledge… One big dry drunk!


  7. I have over 28 wonderful years in AA. I worked in a treatment center for two years. I drove trucks and have attended AA meetings all over the US and parts of Canada. This AddictionMyth business here is the most utter nonsense that I have ever seen yet. I cannot imagine how twisted one’s perception must be to dream up what is being said. It sounds as if were written by someone who has never been to a real AA meeting, has never read the book Alcoholics Anonymous, and has never even been in the parking lot of a treatment center.
    I have seen countless people die ugly deaths and languish in institutions because they could not or would not humble themselves to seek a Higher Power for help. The people who stay in AA and make dramatic changes in their lives are the blessed one’s. The blessing is diminished ego which comes by the magic of the 12 Steps. Without some degree of humility no alcoholic can stay sober or affect any change in their lives.
    To the fool writing this nonsense for AddictionMyth I will say that I will defend your right to believe and say what you want. The is a country of free speech. By the same token I will also say that you are a fucking idiot and you have blood on your hands for the people who may die because of this website. AA is the only thing in recorded history that has helped alcoholics.
    Whoever you are, you are in the grip of ego. You are a legend in your own mind. You are so delusional you probably see yourself as some kind of savior genius who is going to set the world on it’s ear by your website here. Me research tells me that ego is the true nature of Satan. So, whoever you are, your mind is in the grip of Satan and you “cannot differentiate the true from the false” as Dr. Silkworth wrote.
    I don’t feel sorry for you, but I do have compassion for you and all others who are so imbalanced

    1. Thank you for defending my right to free speech. I’m confident that my web site has saved many lives by inoculating people against the brainwashing techniques that are popular at AA. How many people have you sponsored and convinced they were powerless and how many of them survived? Please just post your drunkalog which will validate the truths exposed here.

      1. My dad was an alkie for 20 yrs befor I was born. Now he only drinks beers on weekends and only smokes blunts during the week. AA and NA dont work he says but he’s happy with his life today because he’s not a addict any more.

      2. using my right of free speech, my question to you is how many people have you killed by posting this go ahead and use or drink crap?

      3. Have a drink, Dave. It won’t kill you. If you think it will then contact me and we’ll figure it out. If you don’t contact me then I’ll assume you want to live the rest of your life believing that alcohol or drugs will kill you. In which case, good luck and don’t forget to pray to your HP every morning and I hope he doesn’t ever take a smoking break because your ‘cunning and baffling’ disease can strike again when you least expect it.

    2. Thank you!!! Well said!!! What keeps us sober is the fellowship of wonderful people who, like us have a problem with drugs or alcohol. Yes, we are only human and relapse,….however…AA saves lives!!!!

    3. Thanks for your thoughts…..I am thankful for your explanation and honestly and I know for my life at over 55 shall we say…..having someone care about me enough to tell me not what I wanted to hear, but what I needed to hear was what I longed for and that is exactly the stepping stone to me hitting my low and now walking the Freedom that I have longed for……my body and mind are regenerating and my family relationships are being restored. AA……esp. a couple meetings in particular are so perfectly created for me…yes, like a gorgeous tapestry we meet and support one another and are more like family than I have experienced …….. Community is the only way for me to stay sober and clean and the Home Group that I attend have one anothers backs…..I mean…..when others get tired of ya over and over again and just don’t understand addiction and all that comes with ya…..well….I found support and others that I can reach out to that appreciate my doing so that are in recovery or are open to exploring AA. I am one life that has been the listen of many other opinions and flowed along with whomever I trusted at that time. I had a pile of poo do prejudices and darn it if it kept me away from the people that could relate and encourage me the most. I am willing to trust that God as I know Him will and never has given me wrong leading……He directs and Orchestrates my life……I have never ever been disappointed…….NEVER!

      Thanks so much for sharing

      Gratitude, Very Grateful Today — just ask my sons!

  8. About your most recent blog post: Powerlessness as Religion…you didn’t say one thing to offend, or outrage! We are making progress AddictionMyth WebMaster.

  9. Thank you…. This is the most honest talk about the cult AA
    I have ever heard. Look up cult if you have a problem with that word. Bravo

    1. Yeah, sure. It would appear to be a cult to the guy who runs this blog. Went to closed meetings, said he wasn’t an alcoholic, was upset when they asked him to leave. Passed out literature at open meetings saying addiction is a myth. Was asked to leave. Went just to be a troublemaker, apparently.
      So, nobody is going to want to talk to you, or fellowship with you when you act like that. And then it is conveniently everybody elses problem. Do the words “sociopath” or “antisocial” come to mind?
      In my own experience, when you go to AA genuinely looking to work on your problems, and better yourself, the folks there are among the most generous and kind I have met anywhere. If you go with ulterior motives, or to make trouble, why should you be surprised if it seems “cultish”??
      When you want to grow a little, try it again…

    2. Do your research aa was ruled a christain based religious self help organization by the supreme court in 2004 . Is Christianity now a cult ?

    3. If you want to find a solution – you will…!!
      If you don’t need help, then don’t ask for it. But for you to attempt to destroy the hope that a sufferng addict has just becuase you dont need help … that just shines a light on your selfishness. What works for some doesnt work for others – but if you really cant stop drinking and it is destroying your life, there may be more going on than just a drinking addiction. Get that taken care of, then get the help you deserve to start anew.

  10. Since there are now several people posting as “Anonymous” it appears, I should specify who I am. I am the same one who wrote the post about having a bout with oxycontin, who has mostly sided with AddictionMyth critics, but also sees that AddictionMyth might…repeat migh,t have something valuable to say, occasionally….The wrath waged against him (I’ll guess it’s a “him”) is revealing. There is clearly an enormous amount of defensiveness on both sides. This is in fact something that should be a healthy debate but which has degenerated into just hurling insults, and AddcitionMyth, I’m sorry, your attitude approach is mostly to blame. There is an old saying that the best propaganda contains a kernel of truth. Both sides are guilty of this. The only thing correct about AddictionMyth is its title as far as I can see. Addiction is a kind of myth. But physical and emotional dependency, in the words of Eastern mystics, attachments! is no myth at all. Once people realize this, there will be no need for 12 step. On the other hand, though 12 step is far from ideal, its impulse is in the right direction, albeit flawed, perhaps deeply flawed, depending on one’s group, sponsor, etc…

    1. Look for help until you find the right group, sponsor etc, and dont let anyone stop you from finding what you need. Meetings and groups like people are all very different. Dont stop trying until you find the right fit !!

    1. “Brainwashing people into drug use and placing wagers and bounties on their lives to increase the mortality of the cult??”
      Sounds like a good plot for a “B” movie…which, incidentally matches your writing level well.
      When you are ready to give up lying for a living, why don’t you make an honest try at giving up drugs??
      You’ll have to wait until then because psychotic liars have trouble being successful in recovery.

  11. @Aint Idiocy Grand,

    Thanks for supporting my case. You sound just like your typical angry AA butthole. I can see AA has done wonders for your personality.

    1. Actually, it has done wonders for my personality. As for supporting your case, nothing I said does that rather jump off a cliff, actually. Just because I am in a program where I try to make some progress as a human doesn’t mean I can’t still recognize a drooling idiot who likes to tell others what to do when I see one!
      For instance, you say “the typical angry AA butthole.” Wow…except, most of the people I know in AA aren’t angry. Therefore, “angry buttholes” aren’t “typical” in AA. Then, not knowing me, you suggest snidely that AA must have done wonders for my personality. You have no idea how far I have come, or from where I began, my journey. Your whole position is based on ignorance. And poor word use. Try an English as a second language class. Do wonders for you.
      As to any other argumentation, pointless. The closing line of your origin post here: “And then, close your eyes, smile and go to sleep.” Is so obviously classic AddictionMoron writing that there is no point pretending you are someone else.
      Back to the closet for more thumb sucking, you little annoying, wanker.

  12. Sad, very sad, Mr. Addiction Myth Dot Com. You are an intelligent man. Yet you squander it all. I am no fan of AA. And most of what you say is true. Yet you arrogantly spit in the face of many well intentioned people. Addiction as a “disease” is a myth. You are correct. But the human preoccupation with attachments is a reality, as a species ir is our number one stumbling block. So WAKE UP and make that important distinction. and by the way, physical withdrawal from many chemical depencies is a biochemical reality that can be EXTREMELY painful, varying from one individual to the next and you shouldn’t make light of it. I pray for you my friend, you tortured soul. You obviously have something to hide. P.S to all you 12 steppers, if you think I’m sticking up for you I’m not. Get a grip. Believe in your self and make choices for yourself! If you want to have one glass of wine, fucking have one. And then, close your eyes, smile and go to sleep.

    1. How cool. Another AMoron supporter.
      Or alter-ego. Anyone who would call this moron intelligent and say that most of what he says is true just has to have a few screws loose.
      Hey, to you, Mr Drooling Idiot Supporter of AM: Opinions vary about things. Why do you have to be one of those people who forces their views on others? Fine for you, if you can have one glass. I never could, and know that the rooms are the place for me. You don’t see me on a campaign against alcohol anywhere, do you? Just go back to your padded room with AM, suck your thumb, and be quiet.

    2. Physical withdrawal is actually pretty easy, despite what you see in movies. It’s mostly propaganda. Most people report a surprisingly comfortable detox experience, and if you don’t believe me, just go to your local meeting and see for yourself. You can actually detox from opiates in an hour under anasthesia! No withdrawal symptoms!

      Addicts can’t seem to decide if the reason they take drugs is that the intense cravings always bring them back to it, or if it’s because they fear the pain of withdrawals. Please choose, then we can go from there.

      Glad we can agree that addiction isn’t a disease. That’s progress. Next step: addiction is a religion!

      1. Addiction Myth, While Aint Idiocy Grand flagellates and rants and imagines we are the same person (actually I think he is the one that has posted as different identities, note the similarity between “While Aint Idiocy Grand” and “Yeah Right”) I’m willing to continue the discussion with you. Notice that my original post was more critical of you than it was of AA, yet the extreme vitriolic reaction I received from a 12 stepper only because I suggested the human mind is certainly capable of making rational choices is revealing, to say the least. If you’re reading, Ain’t Idiocy Grand, I actually do hope for you the best. Now on the pain of withdrawal, Addiction Myth, you really do sound arrogant. I am speaking from personal experience. Opiate withdrawal for me was horrifying and no I don’t exaggerate, And not everybody has the financial means for fancy comfortable detoxes. Cold turkey means vomiting, shakes and possibly a cold darkness and depression that can be unbearable and last weeks. So while addiction as a disease is a myth, chemical dependency is a reality, Today I take an occasional pain killer with no ill effect and no desire to increase the amount. So much for total abstinence being the only approach. So we do agree on some things . On the other hand, somewhere on your site you write that AA is actually killing millions, rather than saving millions, give me an effing breaking, if that isn’t hyperbole and BS, I don’t know what is. But yeah, I do agree it’s a cult, and can be psychically damaging. But the human yearning to be free of attachment (yes I am referring here to Eastern spirituality) is quite real and this is why groups like AA hold great appeal. It’s just that they miss the point. The need to hold on to whatever it is,,,is ILLUSION and once that illusion is overcome, anyone can stop anything they want at anytime…if they so choose.

      2. Yes AA is killing millions. Thank you for reading the article!

        Anyway like I said, please decide if addiction is the fear of withdrawals or craving for the high. And why would someone take the drug again, knowing how painful it was to get off it? Do you think it will be different this time? Like you said, craving is a basic human emotion that we handle spiritually: drug addiction isn’t a disease, it’s part of a spiritual/religious process. Well at least we agree it’s not a disease. We’re making progress.

        Also, the vomiting and pain is actually a side effect of the heroin itself. So you can’t be sure that it is actually the withdrawals, which is typically described by doctors as the 24 hour flu. Which I’ve had, and it’s really not that bad. Check out Dalrymple: Junk Medicine: Doctors, Lies And The Addiction Bureaucracy

        Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-476208/Heroin-addiction-isnt-illness–stop-spending-millions-treating-it.html#ixzz2yGx2U6dv
        Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

        You cultivated an addiction to heroin. For reasons that would be obvious from your drunkalog, or the anti-AA druggy equivalent. Please post!

      3. “A..DickMyth”, you are suffering an addiction yourself…to the sound of your own baloney.
        You claim variously here that addiction does not exist and that you have been addicted to Ativan for ten years. All while complaining about the inconsistencies in others’ stories. What is he truth in yours?
        Are you a non-addict who went to AA with a friend who dabbled? Where did your animus toward the program come from?
        Some places you claim it is only “powerlessness” that you object to, and then you go on rants about other objections elsewhere.
        I cannot fathom how you can think to gain any credibility when such obvious lies and fabrications make up the bulk of your writings.
        Come on, now, inquiring minds want to know.?Is this just a forum for poor creative writing efforts from a case of arrested development?

      4. To be considered a disease ( according the the American Medical Association, something must be :
        If your drinking is not central to your life, does not destroy your ability to thrive and grow, and does not get worse over your life, destroying releationships, etc … then maybe you dont need help !!!

      5. withdrawal symptoms can vary from person to person I don’t think it matters if it’s not painfull your body goes through it whether your aware of it or not

    3. Well anonymous, now that you have something to say for yourself(?) you sound a bit different. Still a bit suspicious you repeated a line AMoron uses. Good luck to you having a rational discussion with the site author, because he isn’t.

      1. Thank you, Idiocy et al. I’ll do the best I can with him, he no doubt has issues…haven’t we all?

      2. Addiction Myth,

        First off it wasn’t heroin, it was oxycontin, which I learned from heroin addicts at a drug treatment center is pretty much the same, chemically, in fact it is often preferable to a heroin addict as pure uncut heroin is sometimes hard to get. I know everything there is to know about opiate withdrawal. You’re playing a semantical game, the “side effect” is the withdrawal one begins to experience within hours of stopping, physical pain being one of them. The 24 hour flu is an old saying I’m familiar with that applies to mild or moderate opiate dependency. More serious dependencies take a lot longer to kick. I was on a methadone taper for several days. No, I didn’t learn any of these behaviors from a recovery group. I was initially prescribed vicodin for a herniated disc, took it innocently with no intention of getting high. For some, vicodin has no mood elevating effect at all. For me it made me extremely euphoric. By your comment, you assume I will fall again into trouble with it, which is ironic given you’re the one arguing addiction is a myth and withdrawal isn’t all that bad. I have been taking a prescription dose of vicodin (say once or twice a month or say 5 times a year) with no desire at all to escalate. There is zero logic in your statement that AA kills millions. At best you may argue it doesn’t ultimately help the drug abuser (for the vast majority, I agree) but that is quite different. For anyone who suspects AddictionMyth might be onto something but is put off by his approach and hyperbole, there is good, serious work done on this subject from a scientific and philosophical perspective called “The Myth of Addiction” by John Booth Davies. A final comment: There is a lot more at stake here than exposing the “myth of addiction” I agree it is a kind of myth. Much of modern day psychology and psychiatry, with it’s bible (The Diagnostic Manual) that labels us all this and that (as if we cross some invisible line into “disease” or “disorder”) should and will eventually crumble. Human beings are far more complex and wondrous than that. We can put a man on the moon, we can understand the nature of the quantum world, we can withstand and recover from the most horrendous atrocities and heartaches perpetrated on each other, but the human mind can’t make a rational choice to stop drinking or drugging because it has crossed an invisible line and now has a “disease” because medical convention has decided to call it a “disease”? On this point I do agree with you, complete nonsense, and in many respects, the modern more palatable version of possession. Propaganda: It’s one of the things we do best, regrettably. Just be careful, AddictionMyth, that you’re not participating in it from the other side.

    4. Thanks for sharing……, I respect your opinion…..as for me……I was sober over 25 years and took a glass of wine at an occassion and for me…….game on……call me weak, undisiplined, an addict…..yes….that’s me….its me……FOR ME, all I know is that it was like setting fire to a dry grass pile with what my dad would use in the old days when he was alive……good ole oil and gas to get anything started….ha…..well, this is what it was like for me….not all my siblings….but…..I couldnt stop with one, I am a driven determined mom of grown sons and it was progessive full blown ugly alcoholism activity……never was wine enough…..straight to hard liguor after all those years…..I did leave a path of tragedy with the young men I raised…..until they left for college and knew mom was changing….well….not sure you really care about my story, so at this point I will not offer the rest of me……all I know is that after putting myself in the hospital for treatment that I have found two meetings in AA that are more like me and a good fit…..am I walking and treading lightly….yes….lots of ideas of others kept me from even looking and walking this out….now older…..I will go where I am able to find others who are supporting one another and not doing anything that really sets my alarms off…..its just like Organized Religion….there are imperfect people everywhere……but to leave a community it either AA or Faith Community just because the Preacher says or does something that offends you or even may be unfaithful…..I find is to be less of my FOCUS now and am learning more and more to live in a way that extends grace, compassion and finding out what is positive about myself and others in relationship this forum and topic of AA…….. I do wish you well…..and thanks for reading. k


      1. Go Gratitude!! Take care of you and what you need 🙂

        Good bye people ! Sober over 30 years and loving it !! Cant wait for the next meeting, where people who want their lives changed try new things, and see what works for them…everyone is different !!!

  13. I don’t get you. You seem intelligent yet one story you tell contradicts another. Is it a game? Why don’t you make clearer when it is the real you writing and when it is your alter ego or whatever you want to call it. And who is “US” that you refer to (re. the About Us link…as far as I can tell you seem to me to be a one man band, and a rather angry one at that. What is it you’re not telling us? Why the hyperbole? You often have some good points to make, only to wash over them with some seemingly fictional story. And why doesn’t your email address work anymore? I had a private discussion with you several months ago.

  14. The bottom line is this… The “disease” model is all AA. The powerless is all AA… And AA my friends just does not work and it is indeed a cult. I tried for 2 years, put together some time and then ended up drinking; 2 glasses of wine. After said infraction, I was told (by my sponsor) to quit my job to focus on sobriety and “the program.” Due to my six-figure income, great benefits & my mortgage, I of course protested, my primary concern of course being that with out a job, I would lose my home. “You can live with someone in the program. There’s always people willing to take in a fellow alcoholic.” Ok… IF that’s not a cult, then I don’t know what is… Do you hear the manipulation in her statements? Do you hear the contradiction? “If you keep drinking you will lose everything.” “Quit your job, to quit drinking to focus on the program, so you can then lose everything. … And become completely dependent on other people and “the program.” It just doesn’t work, oh but I can hear all of you AA-ers out there. “Its not that the program doesn’t work, its that you weren’t working the program.” OK – Denial. You are all in denial because you refuse to admit you are part of something that does not work. Studies have been done… Less than 5% of all newcomers make it to one year of sobriety. Doesn’t that say something? Hello? That maybe its time to change things up a bit? But no… That arrogant, narcissist, Bill W once said “why change it? It’s perfect.” And it isn’t. The statistics prove that!
    Sorry, Bill!

    1. If you are intelligent and together enough to hold down a six-figure job…
      Wait for it…wait…
      How in the world could it be that you weren’t smart enough to see you needed a new sponsor, and that yours was just full of crap?
      Seriously, nobody says the program is perfect, nobody says the people in it are perfect. If that is your reason for leaving, fine. Up to you, and I respect that.
      I have never, in many years in the program, heard of such asinine advice. That being said, don’t see hiw you can condemn the whole program based on the advice of a really bad sponsor you should have just left in your dust!!

      1. Funny… The sponsor is… Wait for it, wait for it… A very well educated individual with 10 years of sobriety. She also told me when she was getting sober, she did everything her sponsor did… If her sponsor went to yoga, she went to yoga, if her sponsor went to a gay bar, she went to gay bar (even though she is straight). Hmm… Manipulation, controlling, dependence… Yep!!! That’s a cult. My former sponsor had this experience in a different city from where we were both living at the tine. So the attitude seems to be everywhere…Can you say “systemic” issue within the entire organization?
        My former sponsor was not the only one who advised me to quit my job. LOL… Again issue within the entire organization.
        Yes… I am plenty smart… Most definitely smart enough to run; not walk, run away from A.A.

      2. What you say doesn’t track with my experience with the program. Have run across a few folks who were kind of whacked.
        Just because your sponsor who accepted being manipulated and tried to manipulate you was intelligent and educated doesn’t mean much.
        Sounds to me like you are just another pseudo for AddictionMyth anyway. Either way, if all it took was you not having enough sense to tell someone who was telling you to give up a great job with good benefits and possibly lose your house in so doing, to just plain “Go to hell”, then I kind of see this as your problem.
        The all or nothing attitude you display toward AA is fine with me, maybe it wasn’t for you. Doesn’t mean the whole thing is bad. I know lots of people with long term sobriety. Until somebody here cites some actual statistical evidence from peer-reviewed studies showing a higher incidence of long term sobriety outside the rooms than in, I will continue to take the claims here for what they are…just so much talk.
        Best wishes to you.

      3. And anyway, you cite two examples…maybe you need to review the definition of “everywhere”?
        If you are just a pseudo for AM, know you will just make more claims to justify your generalizing to the entire program from two examples. Not very good statistics. Pretty small sample size.
        J.J. Rousseau said: “All generalizations are false, this one as well.”

  15. Your pathetic attempts at humor and unnecessary, superfluous insults of the intelligence of others actually comes across as pro-AA. It’s actually quite a clever way of promoting AA; i.e., to mock it in such an immature and delusional manner as to make the reader think the AA way has to be better than whatever you are spewing. Job well done! It’s quite ingenious and I, a fellow member of AA, applaud the idea!

    1. My goal was to expose the truth about AA and then sit back and watch it crumble under the weight of its own lies. Well certainly it has taken much more time and effort than I had expected. But I can see the cracks widening…. Just need to get a crowbar in there and jiggle a little more….

      1. And yet it’s numbers contine to grow. I can only assume that this is due in part to your writings for which I again say, thank you. I enjoy dry humor and satirical prose. Yours is some of the best I’ve read in some time. Until I began reading your (pretend) rants, I hadn’t been to a meeting in weeks. But after realizing, by reading thru the lines of your artfully written diatribe against AA, how valuable AA is to recovery, I got up and went to one today. In AA we always talk about there being no consequences and that some things are just a “God thing.” Your writings are certainly that sir. I look forward to reading more of your writings deriding all that is AA (wink, wink). Perhaps I’ll attend meetings on a more regular basis as a result. Keep coming back!

      2. You need to take said crowbar, and hold it up really high, and then bring it as fast as you can down on your head. You@ addictionmyth, is a fucking idiot trying to make people think that there are more than one person running this stupid website? You make AA look awesome and yourself, not so much. Why do you hate AA? And you know what, just a tidbit of info…AA members DO NOT WANT court mandated people in the rooms, AND AA members proudly support themselves without support from the government or rehabs or doctors or anyone except the person who chooses to put money in the basket. YOUR FUCKING CHURCH is more after your money than AA. And the beauty of it all is that you can take some of it, all of it or none of it and the fucking price never changes. AND, even if it did, people would still pay because it has been working for people for a long time. Longer than you’ve been alive, I’m willing to bet, because you sure do sound like an immature little brat who didn’t get his own way.

      3. Well, here is the problem…first off, you ought to be honest by saying “my” problem with AA. Because the claims you make here are so obviously lies, distortions and mis-statements; or so lacking in any scientific backing, that you have not demonstrated a real problem. Only one in your own mind.
        In short, get some help, you snotty, lying little ass.

      4. Put down the crack-pipe, and slowly back away. You know, I will bet your psychiatrist would recommend you quit with the acid, too. It is clearly interfering with the beneficial effects of your many, many psych meds.

    2. Any time I see someone complimenting the AddictionMoron, I become more and more convinced the blog idiot is a talented devotee of yoga. Hence just fellating himself in writing. Please, please, don’t pay this buffoon any praise, even in jest. He is so thick he will think you really mean it!

  16. Please post the peer-reviewed research studies that you rely upon for your “theories”. Let me guess…you think all of academia is conspiring with AA…

    1. All the kings horses and all the kings men have yet to discover any single biological, physical, or medical characteristic of ‘alcoholism’. Despite Big Book claims. So no, there is no conspiracy. You are just like us, just more mischievous. The fact that they are still looking is merely a testament to your impressive mendacity.

      Speaking of which, please post your drunkalog or name your HP (to whom you prayed for my inebreity). That’s all the evidence I need.

  17. You suffer from delusion, paranoia, and apparent anger at things that happened to you in the past. The internet has only enabled your maladies. I will pray that you get better and forget your unhealthy obsession with AA.

  18. I agree that people call drug addiction a “disease” in order to avoid accountability, but you also said, “[express] the true reasons for drug use” was part of your mission. On a fundamental level, one could say that people do drugs because they feel good. When people no longer feel good on drugs, they stop using them. But what about those who continue to do drugs even though they no longer enjoy it and it is ruining their lives? Wouldn’t we have to call this addiction, even though “addiction” and “disease” are obviously not synonymous? Do you believe in “drug dependence”? Your site effectively exposes the flaws of AA, rehab, and other 12 step programs, but I can’t seem to find anything that offers an alternative explanation to anyone who actually wants to stop using drugs but can’t seem to. You are good at satire and I do find the site to be very funny, but if you’re going to tell the world that AA is wrong, no one is going to listen to you if your answer ends with “AA sucks.”

    1. Thank you for your comment. So, what about the people who want to stop using but can’t? Addiction is a myth! You’ve been brainwashed! That is the point of the site! If you believe that you can’t stop using then you’ve been brainwashed by AA directly, or indirectly through media representations of addiction or even by DARE programs in high schools, which have been shown to make drug addiction worse. You can stop using any time you want. Or you can continue using. It’s completely up to you. But to the person who says: “I want to stop using because everyone says I’m such a jerk when I’m high”. I say: “Yes, that is the reason that you get high! It’s a convenient excuse to be a jerk! I wish I could be a jerk to everyone every day!”

      Nothing wrong with drinking and drugging to excess, and even a little mischief now and then. As for the people who’ve “lost everything to drugs”, well that my friend is a myth. If you examine their stories carefully, you discover that these people never had much to begin with, other than a talent for lying and exaggeration, and their excessive drug use was simply and end-cap to their decline. And then a convenient rationalization.

      1. your psychosis would be amusing if it were not potentially damaging to others. know shakespeare? “methinks thou dost protest too much.” the person who goes on a public crusade is usually the fool with the problem. what the hell do you care if people want to be in AA? how does their involvement hurt you? grow up, take a deep breath and quit bellyaching in public.

      2. AA is a deadly cult.

        Thanks for the Shakespeare. Here’s one from Ghandi: First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, and then you win.

        If I can help staunch the flow of impressionable newcomers who are promised the answer to all of life’s questions if only they would admit to powerlessness, and then newly vulnerable, are exploited and abused by you and your dangerous cult, then I would be satisfied. Even better if I can raise skepticism of the ‘craving lie’, which is when you say: “I really want to stop drinking but gosh darn it, I can’t seem to no matter how hard I try.”

        The fact that you question my sanity instead of my clear, logical, and fair argument is reassurance that you know I’m right. And the fact that you think my site is potentially damaging to the cult is just icing on the cake. Oh my, I think I’m blushing!

      3. You are just one annoying circular argument after another. I am glad you are impressed with your own “power.”
        “Clear, logical and fair….” Wow.
        For you to apply those terms to the absolute horseshit you spew on this website is interesting. It is clear you either a pathological liar or delusional. Pick one, who cares…
        And you thought they were paying you a compliment when they said you had a “fertile” mind. Actually, it was an observation that you are full of shit.

  19. Hello, I just came across your site again via a link you have to my old forum which I closed some time ago. I now have a blog there that you may like.
    I have read a few things and will come back for more – I can see you getting some stick from the 12 step brigade which feels familiar. Anyway, good luck in the new year and I have put a link up to you on my links page.

    1. Thanks for your message. But as long as you believe that you are an “addict” and cannot drink or do drugs normally like everyone else, then you are still a victim of the 12 Step cult of powerlessness.

      You are not an addict and never were. Even though you cling to the label. Your effort succeeds only to empower them, by underscoring the strength and mystery of the ‘disease’. You are but a tool for their mischief. 🙂

      1. I certainly agree that the term addict is often used as an excuse. I do not believe in the concept of powerlessness at all and feel it down to an individual to fight a craving and build a normal life. In my case , a normal life does not involve drugs or alcohol. That is my choice as I now live a healthy lifestyle which means I mix with different types of people to when I was drinking and drugging. I had enough of that lifestyle and have no wish to damage my body or mind if I can help it in the future.
        Anyway have a great 2014.

  20. I know right? Everybody fakes addiction. I remember how fun it was to pretend I had “alcoholism”. While in between bouts of alcohol induced hepatitis and pancreatitis, I kept drinking to “keep up appearances”. Haha, when everybody I loved and cared about were scared and angry, that made me feel great! Oh, and listening to others who aren’t addicts tell us we are just “weak willed” and addiction is a myth? Haha, we laugh about that shit all the time while we party it up by killing ourselves because we’ve dooped the masses. It’s awesome, everyone should pretend to be an addict…quite positively the best way to go through life and deal with severely unintelligent human beings.

    1. Oh please. You could have stopped any time you wanted. But you chose not to. Why? Select a reason on the “Treatment” tab.

      No you are not weak willed. Quite the opposite. You were strongly motivated to hurt yourself in self-destructive revenge against someone who you felt was betraying you. And of course, you exaggerated your symptoms for sympathy, appropriating bits and pieces from the Big Book. And haven’t stopped since. The details would be obvious from your drunkalog which gets more shocking with each passing year. Please share.

  21. Wow, what garbage. But hey, at least I’ll have a job as long as folks believe this crap.

    Please, continue spreading garbage.

      1. Everybody remember here, be nice to the delusional snotty little troll running this site or he’ll take his computer and go home. Fact is, this is just a place for infantilistic personal delusions of grandeur for a snippy little dick who can’t do anything constructive, just tear stuff down. Once again, for the jerkoff at the helm here, why don’t you come up with a positive alternative, or quit your bellyaching.? You won’t. Know why? Because you are just a sick little jackass with an ax to grind and have nothing to offer except vitriol. Go back to sitting in your closet and sucking your thumb and the world will be an altogether more pleasant place.

  22. Brilliant! This confirms many things I always thought about addicts. A lot of young people I have known admitted to me that they got into addiction because they admired some rock star or celebrity who was a known addict and wanted to emulate them. They have also admitted they got into addiction with the INTENTION of quitting all along so they could “Have a big tough story to tell.” Exactly as you said, so others would admire them for overcoming their addiction, the same way they admired their addict celebrity in the first place.

    In other words: They faked the whole thing.

    1. Does anyone else sense that the fraud running this site writes most of the comments supporting himself? I sense his meter and diction in most of this stuff. Anyone??

  23. I cannot even believe some of the worthless content on this a website. You’re correct about some things; the drug war is a farce, and misinformation about the overstated dangers of drugs is everywhere. However, creating a website full of your shoddily supported and often hateful opinions doesn’t help anyone. At best it misinforms those on ‘our’ side (anti-DEA), and at worst it makes ‘us’ all look foolish.

    1. Thanks for your comment, but it’s not clear what you are referring to. Please feel free to list the opinions you disagree with. For example, do you think that alcoholism is real? Are you an alcoholic? (According to my thesis, ‘alcoholism’ is fake. Sorry if I hurt anyone’s feelings!)

      1. For instance, your article about the different types of fake addicts. You boil all addiction down to four basic patterns; saying that types are usually mixed does not rectify this. People are not that simple. Where are your sources? I am not not an alcoholic, and I have known some very dramatic fake addicts in my time at school. But the articles on this site are written with undue authority or support and often seem ignorant and biased (you seem very preoccupied with superficial appearances). I am a psychology major considering working in addiction recovery after graduation next year, and I happened upon your website. Some of it seems fair enough, but the misinformed and over-opinionated elements are toxic.

      2. I think we can at least agree that excessive drug use is a mask for an underlying psychological conflict. Your effectiveness as a future counselor is dependent upon your ability to help your client identify it and rise to the challenge of addressing it. On the other hand, simply telling the client, “You have a disease,” is both wrong and counter productive. For some people it sets them up for a lifetime of battling a phantom. (Though it creates a somewhat reliable source of income for the rehab professions.)

        I would suggest that the fake addicts you know are far more toxic to the people in their lives than anything written on this web site. Perhaps ‘bitter’ is a more accurate description, but that is sometimes the nature of medicine.

      3. I might have a little respect for you, if you could accurately represent some of the legitimate criticism of alcoholism which exists. For instance, TA views it as a game with a payout whether the alcoholic is in recovery or not. Reference Claude Steiner, “Games Alcoholics Play.” But you are a liar and misrepresenter of fact. You will not engage in honest discourse with anyone, as far as I have seen. When asked to show peer reviewed studies supporting your very wobbly and unevenly presented position you veer off into self-flatulent, grandiose and confabulated rhetoric. If your position has merit, you will not show it as such by continually demonstrating you are a person of little integrity, and therefore little merit.
        From a psychological perspective, you come off as having a great deal of angst. Perhaps an artifact of the untenable amount of projection you are having to do based on your massive debt of cognitive dissonance on these matters. Such a huge house of excuses and denial must be a great weight to carry.
        Truly, I encourage you to seek professional help before your anger seeks more violent outlets. When neurosis teeters into delusion and psychosis it may envelop your entire life.

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