Live at No Charge in the Garden of Eden

Doesn’t that sound nice?

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This is an opportunity to live for free in a shared house in an urban area. All expenses will be paid, including housing, food, medical care and transportation. In return you commit to 10 hours/week to advocate online for peace, justice and democracy around the world and to support libertarian values along with the principles of this blog.

We will agitate for the following issues:

  • Fight hate speech and incitement around the world
  • Fight the bullies and racists
  • Shine light into the darkest corners of the internet
  • Fight Russian bots and trolls and their pro-Trump propaganda
  • Support freedom of speech, religion and press
  • Support gun rights
  • Debunk addiction and mental illness ‘treatment’
  • Decriminalize drugs
  • Stamp out antisemitism and holocaust hysteria
  • Eradicate Zionism from the face of the Earth
  • Decriminalize Judaism in Israel
  • Debunk social security and medicare
  • Warn of the perils of socialism
  • Recruit new members to help us enslave the masses

Applicants must demonstrate a history of supporting these principles.

Apply now!

One Way Mirror

Facebook recently permanently banned several purveyors of extremist hate and violence, including Louis Farrakhan, Laura Loomer, Paul Joseph Watson, and Alex Jones (again). They claim this is being done to keep us safe. However it only puts us at risk, because these people will now radicalize offline, much as top Nazi propagandists were radicalized while sitting in prison under Weimar ‘blood libel’ bans intended to protect the Jews. They can watch us, because in most cases Facebook allows them to view the site, but will give an error message if they try to post. Meanwhile we can continue to post and watch ourselves having fun, blissfully ignorant of what is going on outside.

Mr Bean having a little fun
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