Sick of Whiny Jewish Goblins

Just got suspended again on Facebook.  This might be a permanent suspension.

White goblins harass a little Asian girl, and then cry when she calls them white goblins? Sorry I have no sympathy. This happened years ago and if you didn’t speak out at the time then you need to just stfu. #sickofwhinywhitegoblins #sickofwhinyjewishgoblins
So many things wrong here.  I am being targeted by Zionists as proven by the fact that they are gloating on my timeline, and I can’t even respond.  They use fake ‘burner’ accounts to bully and harass people and when you respond they get you banned.
Why do I say ‘Jewish’?  Because this comment was on an article by a Jew complaining that it’s OK to fire Sarah Jeong because Jews evidently are the experts on ‘hate speech’.  (Even though they have a long history of getting massacred.)
I will update this post.

First They Came for Alex Jones

I was just suspended again (for 3 days) on Facebook, for the third time.  They claim it was a violation of ‘Community Standards’ but they don’t specify the violation.  I recently posted a screenshot of an alleged violation.  You can tell me what you think it is.  Antisemitism?  Homophobia?  Anti-Zionism?  I don’t think it is any of those things, nor have any of them been alleged.  Today’s violation was a 12 minute video I posted a few days ago.  Of course I can’t upload it to youtube lest the same thing happen.  Please download and watch and let me know if you can figure out the problem.  And tell facebook what you think of my suspension.  If this happens again I will be banned permanently.

The video is an appeal to the UK Jews to desist in their witch hunt against Corbyn and the Labour Party.  They are trying to get it banned for ‘antisemitism’ (UK does not have freedom of association and they often ban political groups, though usually they are right wing).  This of course will backfire and increase resentment against the Jews and could result in another Holocaust.  The Jewish community made many similar mistakes 100 years ago.

I suspect the Zionists are behind this since they are gloating about my suspension on my facebook feed (I cannot respond).  This is very frustrating and Kafkaesque because they say you did something wrong but no one will tell you what it was.

In the case of Alex Jones, they were more specific.  He claimed the Sandy Hill massacre was a hoax and was accused of inciting his followers to harass the victims.  Of course this is wrong and I condemn it.  You must always speak out against violence and harassment.  I do, though I didn’t speak out at the time because I wasn’t aware this was going on.  In my travels across the internet I rarely ran across crazy Alex Jones followers.  Not sure why that is.  However I ran across many people inciting violence from both the left and right and always spoke out when I saw it.

Many people say that Sarah Jeong was racist and should be censored.  However I believe that first of all, she was the victim of harassment and racism and was responding to it with satire, which is a very valid and effective tool to stop abuse.  I use the ‘proportionality’ guideline, but I feel that as an Asian young woman, she had every right to ‘go low’ against racist goblins.  Secondly, if you have a problem with someone’s tweets, don’t wait years before complaining.  Speak out NOW.  Otherwise there’s no effective way to litigate it.  In fact it is hypocritical to bash her if you were silent at the time.

Overall it’s our responsibility as the community to condemn incitement and harassment.  If we leave it up to the government or the online tech giants, then good people like me will be censored.

Update (10 hours later): I’m back!

Pinkwashing Genocide

This Thursday (Aug 2), thousands of gay Jews and their allies will gather in Jerusalem for the annual Gay Pride parade.  I went last year and it was a exuberant celebration by a flourishing and essential faction of modern Israeli society.  However there were 2 big differences between this and other similar parades.  First of all, the entire route is lined with soldiers toting machine guns to ‘protect’ us not from the Muslims but from the ultra orthodox Jews.  A few years ago a girl was stabbed and killed during the parade.  You can hear the extremists screaming angrily through megaphones in the distance but you cannot see them.  Continue reading Pinkwashing Genocide