The Road to Utopia

People in the defense and private security industry are frightened because they think: if war and crime are resolved, then they’ll have nothing to do and will be out of a job.  While this is true, this bodes very well for the economy overall, as well as the standard of living.  Because instead of destroying people and lives and property, these people can focus on BUILDING lives and property and making people happy.  Of course there is less money in such endeavors – but that’s ok.  Because they will have a lot less to worry about and can sleep easy at night.

Another concern is that a lucky few will end up reaping all the spoils of a utopian economy.  But again, this is short sighted thinking.  Because people will naturally be more generous and less competitive and destructive and greedy.  It’s a strange paradox – but by encouraging libertarianism (capitalism and protection of human rights) you can actually bring about socialism.  This is why I’m a libertarian – it’s the bridge to socialism.  Socialism can’t be achieved directly because people are simply too envious and competitive and won’t work hard without a strong personal incentive and will instead undermine each other.  This is why Russia and Venezuela are failing.

Anyway I think the future is bright.  We fear that things will go to hell because of crises like terrorism and opiate addiction.  However these are all manufactured by the government, and as the government shrinks these problems will disappear.

What is the point if not killing and raping each other?  LOL – I like the way you think!  We’ll be fine, I promise.  🙂