Because Addiction

Regardless of whether addiction is a brain disease or a learning disorder, addicts are compelled to use ever increasing amounts of drugs and then one day they accidentally take too much or combine with other drugs and die.  This is the tragedy of addiction.  Is it true?


Hardly!  In fact, overdose is only loosely coupled with addiction.   Continue reading Because Addiction

Some Roles Can Be Deadly

What makes a great actor?  One important skill is the ability to believe the part.  Actors sometimes practice roles for months to make their performance more authentic.  However, what happens when an actor plays a drug addict?  What happens when they go  around trying to convince themselves they have a disease of the brain that can kill them?

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Stomp the Steppers

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NIAAA Addiction Expert Dr. George Koob Maintains Silence

The venerable science journal Nature recently published NIAAA Director Dr George Koob‘s beautifully illustrated science fiction fantasy about drug addiction:

Nature: The Development and Maintenance of Drug Addiction


His esteemed colleague Dr. Donald F. Klein, D.Sc. responded:

My experience with human heroin addiction stems from 1953 to 1955. Having one whole year as a psychiatric resident at Creedmoor State Hospital Continue reading NIAAA Addiction Expert Dr. George Koob Maintains Silence