Bing, Bang, Bongo

I’m not sure why I’ve never written an article on the causes of terrorism, as I’m the world’s foremost expert on the subject.  But I haven’t.  I’ve written a million and a half comments on internet articles, though never extensively as a blog post.  Perhaps because I could go on forever.  I’ve written about Omar Mateen and Elliot Rodger in my blog, so maybe that’s why I didn’t feel the pressing need.

And I still don’t.  So let me summarize: the cause of terrorism is not religion, as we are told.  The claim of religious radicalization is appealing because we have a deep need to debunk religion for some reason.  But it is clear that most of these kids are malcontents and losers and often petty criminals and drug dabblers and latch on to terrorism as a way to prove themselves and kill themselves at the same time (remember – most deaths from overdose are also intentional suicides).  Whether it’s Islam or white supremacism or sex supremacism or mental illness doesn’t really matter.  Just depends on what you think you can get away with.

Here are some tips to prevent terrorism:

  • Don’t name your kid “Storm”
  • Don’t encourage your kid to get married at a young age and have children – forcing him to ‘settle down’ can backfire
  • Encourage your child to avoid the private security industry
  • Don’t send your child into the military or express joy at his weapon handling skills
  • Don’t teach your child that addiction and mental illness are science (they are religions)
  • Don’t teach your kid that watching just one ISIS video can make him blow up the local arena
  • If you were paid by the CIA to fight in a war, don’t have children

From the above list you can get a sense of the real causes of terrorism.

Wars are usually started by the older generation convincing the younger into believing the ‘other’ is an existential threat.  This may or may not be true.  However with terrorism, the younger generation is taking a more proactive role even if they are trying to discredit and lampoon their fathers’ ambitions.   Religion is really only an excuse, much like addicts blame their mischief on the drugs – often concocting quite elaborate and plausible-sounding explanations involving ‘hipocampus’ and ‘seratonon’.

The Convergence is Nigh

  Socia lism Putin Bibi Assad Trump Terr ism Addi ction Free
Adx Myth bad bad bad bad bad fake fake yes
Oz bad bad bad bad real  no
Eli Lake bad bad good good real  ?
Prop OrNot bad bad ?  bad bad no
ENB bad bad bad ? yes
Charles good bad  ? bad bad
High-Minded good bad good bad ?
Antony good bad ?
Max good good bad good ? fake
Eli Valley good bad bad  bad bad yes
Adx Myth bad bad bad bad bad fake fake yes

I was hoping to do a complete circle with only one degree of separation between each person.  I don’t think that’s possible, but hey it was worth a try!

Foiled Again

Scooby Doo – where are you????

Israel is awash in foreign funding and Trump just promised to increase the budget of the Palestinian Authority even as he slashed foreign aid to all other countries.  Israel is addicted to foreign aid.  They receive about $4B a year for their ‘defense’ budget to protect them from the Palestinian ‘terrorists’ among others who are funded by the US and the UN and other countries, even as they use the money to incubate ISIS to attack Europe (and which recently apologized for accidentally attacking Israel).   Continue reading Foiled Again

Israel Will Be Fine

Israel is delegitimizing itself in a hysterical and manic witch hunt against BDS.  Enemies are everywhere and intent on its destruction.  However this paranoid and shrill campaign only serves to alienate the very people it needs to stand up for it, especially young diaspora Jews who now see it as an intolerant apartheid state like South Africa. Continue reading Israel Will Be Fine

Nukies for North Africa

OPEC oil overproduction suppresses worldwide energy prices.  It is the bane of Exxon Mobil and BP.  How to fix this problem?  Easy: incite violence in the middle east, blame it on ‘terrorism’, and then lob in the nukies.  This is the overall strategy of Trump and the Generals.  Trump complains that ‘nation building is a disaster’ while at the same time he says, “I would bomb the hell out of them.”  And the Trumpkins cheer. Continue reading Nukies for North Africa

Anti-Semitic Jews

Recently NY and CA passed bills to ban companies from dealing with BDS organizations (Boycott/Divest/Sanction Israel).  Well regardless of what you think about BDS, they were successful in forcing G4S to divest their holdings in abusive Israel prisons and youth detention facilities in Florida.  Also, G4S gave Omar Mateen a gun permit despite knowledge that the FBI was radicalizing him.  They are bad guys, and they were held to account (somewhat) by BDS.  Yet, if you are a company in CA working for the state, it is a criminal offense to have ties with BDS.  Scary stuff.  Of course, the law will get overturned by the courts (we hope), but until then, how much damage can it cause? Continue reading Anti-Semitic Jews

Twitter Shadow Ban

Help I’ve been shadow banned on twitter!  Search for “AddictionMyth” on twitter and my account doesn’t appear.  Also when I reply to others they don’t get my tweets.  If you care about free speech, please contact twitter and tell them to restore my account immediately!

“The world is too dangerous to live in – not because of the people who do evil, but because of the people who sit and let it happen.”
– Albert Einstein

Update 8 hours later: I think I’ve been un-banned.  Thanks to anyone who might have helped!