Someone Call the CDC!

The Nazis slaughtered people by the millions in concentration camps and yet most who were told of this didn’t believe it, or thought the claims were exaggerated, or thought the speaker was ignorant, insane, in denial, lying, crazy and/or stupid.  In the terms of modern times they might have been called ‘delusional paranoid schizo’.  (Or ‘cray cray’ in the technical lingo of NIAAA Chief Dr. George Koob.)

250px-Rodger,_Bergen-BelsenHowever our collective denial was shattered when pictures of the atrocities appeared in national publications like Life and Time showing vast heaps of emaciated bodies rotting in long wide trenches and towering piles.  These pictures were taken by war correspondent George Rodger, who never fully recovered from the experience. (George Rodger is the father of Peter Rodger and grandfather of Santa Barbara serial killer Elliot Rodger and ABC’s Recovery Road star Sebastian DeSouza.)


Modern Day Holocaust

Experts have long known that the risk of death is greatly increased after rehab.  Science journalist Maia Svalavitz claims that Dr Drew’s Celebrity Rehab mortality topped 13%.  Ken Anderson recently posted some statistics showing  a shocking increase in death rate within 4 months of leaving 28-day rehab programs:


Well first of all, someone needs to get on the horn with the CDC because I’m no epidemiologist but I can tell a public health crisis when I see it.


What’s going on here?  Addiction experts would say there’s a ‘drug addiction epidemic’ and it’s a disease and most would have died anyway so ‘early intervention’ is critical.  But this is easily refuted by the data, which shows a much lower mortality if left untreated.  (In fact, most experts don’t think addiction is a disease and most drug users moderate naturally over time.)

Anderson claims the mortality is caused by ‘lost tolerance': “Tolerance for opioids can easily increase ten-fold with regular opioid use”.  However this claim is completely unsubstantiated and ridiculous.  It is also moot, because as Anderson himself points out, most deaths are due to poly-drug poisoning and massive overdoses that would kill a horse let alone a die-hard addict.  So most of these deaths appear to be intentional suicides (or murders) and yet he’s playing into the ‘addiction’ narrative: “I just wanted to get high but I took a little too much — and what with my lowered tolerance I was done in by my own cravings caused by my disease.”

Anderson is an outspoken critic of AA and openly admits to being ‘buttraped‘ by AA and brainwashed into excessive binge drinking.  In fact, he now promotes his own ‘harm reduction’ program “#trackin”, which is keeping track of your binge drinking via tweets, and he binges on 17 drinks (a fifth) once a week.  Of course, this is dangerously unhealthy nor should it be promoted as a treatment for ‘alcoholism’ by a state-sanctioned ‘expert’ and yet when this was pointed out to him he responded, “The lesson is that planning leads to great happiness! Sorry you feel the need to put people down for their successes!  You are worse than AA!  I’m blocking you!”

So yes I am baffled, because he himself admits to being insulted and bullied into excessive drinking by AA and yet ignores the possibility that the exorbitant death rate from 28-day rehab is caused by the exact same dynamic (and then hurls an insult at his critic).

To confuse matters further, he recently proposed ‘public health policy’ that would legalize drugs while teaching people that mixing can cause death.  Of course, this would create a public health disaster, making it even easier for the 12 Step cults to kill people in massive industrial sized quantities, though it seems he has backed down from such insanity.  (His latest proposals seem more reasonable.)

I admit I actually thought he was a good guy a few months ago.  Now I wonder if he’s a Manchurian Candidate, programmed by Keith Humphreys, the mastermind behind, to promote a flawed ‘harm reduction’ agenda and then self-destruct.  I hope his friends see this and intervene.  Not with ‘treatment’ of course because that’s only likely to kill him.  Maybe take him out to lunch or the movies – set up a regular schedule, he seems to like that.

And yet at the same time he’s the one pointing out the crisis!  Which is of course certain to lead investigators to 12 Step indoctrination, brainwashing, and bullying as the cause of death.  And he must know that.  He does know that.  He’s admitted it did exactly that to him in Monica Richardson’s recent documentary The 13th Step (now at Cannes – good luck Monica!).

Interestingly, Maia Svalavitz exhibits a similar schizophrenia: she claims to be an addict but used drugs longer than she wanted only because she was tricked by her boyfriend that stopping would require a ‘tough love’ program.  And she exposed the abusive ‘troubled teen’ drug treatment industry and revealed that many of the children in the programs had never even touched drugs or alcohol so couldn’t possibly be addicts.  And yet she still insists that drug addiction is a ‘learning disorder’.   Now remember, this is the country’s leading neuroscience journalist.

(And Stanton Peele is similarly schizo, another outspoken AA critic who attests to treating many people who were abused and bullied and nearly killed in the cult.  But if you point that out to him he cries, “No more! Go away!”  meanwhile ignoring the blatant suicide bullying of other commenters going on right in front of his face.  And yes your tax dollars paid for his license.)

Well if you can figure all this out please let me know.  Yes I know I am psycho paranoid delusional and brain damaged and yada yada.  And ‘the still suffering alcoholic’ and ‘opiate addiction crisis and we must do something’ and ‘the problem of the jews’ and yada yada.  I mean, other than that.

But oh yeah, please call the CDC first, we might have a bit of a public health crisis on our hands.


The Devil’s Lament

Allow me please to introduce myself.   My name is Lucifer and I am known as the Great Deceiver but you can call me Satan.  I’ve been around for a long, long time, as you know.  I was the guy who sat on Eve’s shoulder and whispered into her ear, “Eat the apple and you will be like God.”  Then she ate the apple.  I did the same to Adam.  So he ate the apple too.  Then God found out and Adam blamed Eve.  LOL.

Lucas_Cranach_d.Ä._-_Adam_und_Eva_Magdeburg-722x1024I continued my mischief for many centuries.   Continue reading The Devil’s Lament

A Conversation with Lisa O’Neil Guerci: SMART facilitator extraordinaire

SMART Recovery stands for “Self-Management and Recovery Training” and was created by Marc Kern as another front group for AA.  The strategy is to provide a softer, less religious indoctrination into ‘addiction': “one drink probably won’t kill you”, and then later suggest that you might be a real alcoholic after all (“one drink will surely kill you”) and you need complete abstinence as available only at AA.

Marc Kern also founded “Addiction Alternatives” in Beverly Hills with Dr Adi Jaffe.  Dr Jaffe is a UCLA addictions expert and self-proclaimed “master liar“. Continue reading A Conversation with Lisa O’Neil Guerci: SMART facilitator extraordinaire

Catherine S Hwang: Upholding A Proud Legacy of Government Propaganda

Catherine’s father Xi Luo was a Red Army propagandist famous for such bromides as “Confucius say: He who fights and runs away will be dropped in tiger pit wearing only skivvies.” And “The great Chairman knows Communism better than Lenin and Stalin put together.” After a falling out with Mao, he escaped China with his wife and lived in a refugee camp in Laos for 4 years before immigrating to San Francisco where they had their one child Catherine. The father taught the girl everything he knew about effective propaganda. Dr Hwang now lives out her father’s dream as a master propagandist for the 12 Step Caliphate’s ‘Chronic Progressive Relapsing Brain Disease Theory’ of drug addiction which although long since discredited is still being actively promoted by NIDA and their friends at Phoenix House and at AA meetings across the country. Continue reading Catherine S Hwang: Upholding A Proud Legacy of Government Propaganda

The Rape Agenda

President Obama signed the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act on March 7, 2013.  Among the new provisions of the Act is a requirement that universities provide prevention and awareness programs that educate students about prohibitions against sexual violence, including dating violence and stalking.  Many campuses chose the online course from Agent of Change, including Princeton and Northwestern (click the Campus button for the complete list).  Students must complete the course to register for classes.

The course is blatant brainwashing.   Continue reading The Rape Agenda

How It Works

AA is a haven for liars psychopaths and criminals to prey on vulnerable people and make them confess powerlessness and then bully them into suicide. Of course, they pretend to be pious and ‘reformed’ but they are just as dangerous ‘sober‘ as they were drunk not to mention they lie like the wind and their ‘sobriety date’ is meaningless. Just because someone says “I was a born liar and master manipulator” doesn’t mean they are now the pope of england. More likely they are a bully who will distract you with talk of ‘god this‘ and ‘god that‘ and ‘dopomine’ and ‘seritonin‘ and meanwhile assure you that your resentments will surely kill you because “that is the nature of our disease” and counter any claim you make with the accusation of ‘ignorance‘, ‘arrogance‘, ‘crazy‘, ‘need professional help’, ‘liar‘, and ‘in denial‘ and ‘Your words may kill the still suffering alcoholic‘. Well if that sounds like fun to you then go ahead and sign up. Otherwise I suggest you stay the hell away from that psycho cult.

Whose members will now demonstrate their despicable tactics for all to see:

God and Evil

And Aaron said, “Let not the anger of my lord grow hot: you know the people, that they are set on mischief.”  Exodus 32:22

As Americans we grow up with a strong sense of truth, justice and fairness. To a great extent this can be attributed to popular culture, and of course to our education system. We also believe our government will produce fair outcomes, and that when it doesn’t we can fight for our rights and receive redress and even correct the underlying problems. Other cultures do not have such a strong sense of justice or faith in government. As well, morality is more relativistic in other countries, and is often determined based on what’s best for one’s family or community than the country as a whole. For example, a traditional Islamic profession of loyalty is, “I would lie for you.” Of course, we suffered from our ignorance of this cultural difference in the Iraq War, due to blindly believing claims of one faction against another – typically tribal feuds of little relevance to our strategic interest. Continue reading God and Evil

Please, Stop Lying

We’re used to the extensive whopping lies of AA cult members such as: “the addict’s brain is different from a normal brain”, “I almost died from my addiction”, and “AA has saved the lives of millions.”  In fact, there is absolutely no evidence of any neurological, chemical, functional or physiological difference between the brain of an addict and a ‘normie’, and they never ‘almost died’ even if they try to convince the newcomer they surely will.  Due to the tenacious work of the AAntis, 12 Step cult members have been forced to back off such claims.  Humorously, they’ve started to say “AA has saved the lives of thousands”, and they’ve actually been forced to defend their cult against accusations of bullying into suicide by the millions. Continue reading Please, Stop Lying

Soros vs Sembler

George Soros is a multibillionaire and anti-Drug War crusader.  He is the primary funder of the Drug Policy Alliance and various pro-Marijuana Policy initiatives across the country.  More than anyone, he can take credit for the progress made in drug decriminalization.  At the same time he promotes expanding treatment for addicts: “Addiction is a disease.  Let’s treat it that way.” Sounds pretty good, right? Continue reading Soros vs Sembler

Moderation Management – Another AA Front Group

Moderation Management (MM) was founded by Audrey Kishline in 1994 as an ‘alternative’ to AA for those who had a ‘drinking problem’ but weren’t interested in complete abstinence.  Kishline believed that there was a difference between ‘problem drinkers’ and ‘true alcoholics’ and that MM could fill a void in substance abuse treatment.  Kishline later decided she was a ‘true alcoholic’ after all and rejoined AA in 2000.  Two weeks later she killed a father and his daughter while “driving a hundred miles an hour in a total blackout” when going to visit her father. Continue reading Moderation Management – Another AA Front Group

I am completely baffled

How do people not see that addiction is completely fake, and is created by AA brainwashing and perpetuated by government pseudo science propaganda? I’ve been writing this crap for over 3 years now and still nothing, not a single god dam person out there (other than Trish – hi Trish!!) will agree with me.  Lots of people will agree that AA is a cult, AA is evil, etc etc but no one will say, “AA creates addiction.” I don’t get it. We live in a world with 6 BILLION people. Surely there is ONE other person out there as crazy as me??? (Well, me and Trish — no offense Trish.)

I’m completely baffled. Continue reading I am completely baffled

Warning: Campus Rape Epidemic!

A Rolling Stone article last month described the brutal gang rape of a U-Va freshman.   It was strewn with cynical descriptions of a campus rape culture fueled by alcohol and privilege and the implicit threat of permanent social banishment for anyone who might object.   For the past few years, scientists and psychologists have been sounding the alarm about the dangers of binge drinking and the potential for alcoholism in teenagers both of which can lead to risky behavior including rape, and stressing the importance of delaying ‘first use’ until the legal age of 21.  Researchers propose early detection and intervention for problem drinking behavior, especially for young women.

The Rolling Stones article caused a national furor over the rape crisis including fraternity protests, but was retracted when not a single fact of the young woman’s account could be corroborated. Continue reading Warning: Campus Rape Epidemic!

A Thomas McLellan – Acclaimed Higher Power of Addiction Science

Every abomination to the Lord, which he hates, have they done unto their gods; for even their sons and their daughters do they burn in the fire to their gods.  Deuteronomy 12:31

A Thomas McLellan was born in New York in 1949 and grew up in an age of rapid advances in science and technology which revealed profound truths about the world and promised to relieve man of suffering, cure his diseases, and even resolve the intractable ideological and religious differences at the root of wars and strife.  He earned a PhD in psychology in 1976, and took a job at a Pennsylvania VA to study alcoholism.  There he saw first hand the suffering of the alcoholics in his care, but at the same time witnessed the miraculous effects of the 12 Step programs that were at the time the only known effective treatment.   Continue reading A Thomas McLellan – Acclaimed Higher Power of Addiction Science

Project ‘Emancipation Proclamation’

The following document was procured from the desk of Stanford psychiatrist Dr. Keith Humphreys by an undercover AddictionMyth operative posing as a patient seeking treatment for a substance use disorder.  

Project ‘Emancipation Proclamation’
A Progress Report on Our Plan to Take Over the World

Dear Mr.  Soros,

The following is a progress report as of November 2014 on our top secret plan to take over the world and enslave the masses.   Continue reading Project ‘Emancipation Proclamation’