AA: The American ISIS

Both Alcoholics Anonymous and ISIS believe that alcohol is evil and makes you do bad things.  Of course, ISIS bans alcohol for that reason.  But they are raging hypocrites, and their leaders engage in all the prohibited ‘evils’ including drinking, drugs, rape, and homosexuality, while forbidding those behaviors to the masses.

AA is a drinking club and blood cult of mischief with a similar dynamic.  The leaders (aka ‘old timers’) are normal drinkers, but they insist on complete abstinence for the ‘alcoholic’ masses under threat of death (“If we drink we die”) as they exploit them for fun and profit.   Their hero Bill Wilson was the master of the ’13th Step’.  Similiarly they massacre on a grand scale.  Not with knives to the neck or bullets to the back, but with prophecies of doom to the vulnerable: “You have a disease that is going to kill you.  You are a danger to yourself.  You obviously think you are god, and your pride is going to destroy you.”  And on and on like that.  Many thousands of people kill themselves each year believing the lies.

And we as the general public stand by and watch as they do this, thinking that these people really have a disease.  And yet the ‘old timers’ always seem to do fine, despite their many ‘close brushes with imminent death’ as reported in their weekly drunkalogs.  Wow they really have us fooled.

AA has already made great progress in imposing its own caliphate, as many judges sentence drunk drivers to AA instead of jail or community service.  Of course, this only makes the problem worse as the offender learns only that he is (or will become, or can later claim to be) powerless to the demon alcohol (“subjects of King Alcohol” – BB p 151).  Also, criminals can get diverted to drug courts if it is believed that their crimes are the result of ‘drug addiction’.  This will obviously only make the situation worse.  But that is great news for AA, who will reap the flow of new recruits and whose members will continue to transgress with impunity.  As long as you have attended an AA meeting, you have a good chance of escaping punishment with a claim of ‘addiction’ and being sentenced to ‘treatment’ which is actually more damaging to young people than no treatment at all!

And even our own government is assisting in the effort with its own propaganda campaign to make young people believe that they too can be victims of demon possession by drugs and alcohol that will make them do things ‘they wish they hadn’t’.  California’s “Yes means Yes” rape bill means that women can easily change their mind about whether an encounter was consensual by claiming that their drunken assent was invalid.

Drug addiction is a dangerous lie.  But it justifies all kinds of abuses by government and police which take away our freedom and sometimes our lives.  Sadly, we give it up willingly.  Every day we are inundated with propaganda that says our brains are highly susceptible to manipulation and we don’t have free will.  And that everything is relative and there is no true right and wrong.  If we continue down this path, we will find ourselves living in a caliphate more oppressive than anything dreamt of in ISIS’s philosophy.

AA members defend their precious drinking club with a religious zeal that is motivated by the same kinds of delusions and fantasies of power and mischief as members of ISIS.  They are self-professed criminals,  liars and hypocrites, which we know if only because that is frequently how they start their own drunkalogs!  And they are quick to criticize Western culture, policies, and religion, and reluctant to criticize ISIS.  Well now you know why.  Go to your local AA meeting and see for yourself.  Don’t be surprised to hear expressions of admiration for the group!

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SAMHSA’s New Blood Drive

Listen up children.  Alcohol will make you do and say things you’ll regret.  Here’s foxy dad to explain:

Sorry I promised my dad I wouldn’t drink.”  Wow.  Talk about saying something you wish you hadn’t.  This brilliant new multi million dollar public awareness campaign is brought to you by SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration)  – your government advertising good old fashioned demon possession.  Here’s another:

“Alcohol can lead to so many things, none of them good.”   Well mom newsflash: sometimes kids do things that they know they shouldn’t, and sometimes they take risks that will lead to trouble.  Kids are rebellious by nature.  Why give them another excuse?

Obviously the purpose of this campaign is to heighten children’s fascination and fear of alcohol as a demonic ‘forbidden fruit’ to ensure a steady flow of ever younger newcomers to AA, the drinking club  / blood cult of mischief, and to create more robot zombies to drugs and alcohol and mind controlled slaves to the New World Order who will kill themselves on command.

OK seriously I don’t know the exact goal.  But really the conversation wouldn’t be much different if the kid was talking to the devil himself.   (Watch it again and see.)  This line from the Big Book comes to mind: “The alcoholic is an extreme example of self-will run riot, though he usually doesn’t think so.”  Clearly the government has been infiltrated by the 12 Step cults, and they thirst for the blood of your children.

Call me crazy.

Anyway.  What should the parents say instead?  How about first of all talk to the friend’s parents and make sure they’re not AA members.  And then tell your kid: “You are responsible for your behavior whether drunk or sober.  I don’t ever want to hear the excuse, ‘The devil made me do it.’”

We tried that one before and it didn’t turn out well.  This may not be the Garden of Eden but I think we have it pretty good, and I wouldn’t want some idiot messing it up for the rest of us.

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Dan Genis: Aronofsky’s Robot Zombie

In Darren Aronofsky’s Pi (1998), the young protagonist Max Cohen is a brilliant Math genius at an unspecified downtown New York City university.  He discovers a 216-digit string of numbers that hinted at “The true name of God.”  Max tries to unite math, computers, drug use and kabballah to uncover the secret of the universe.  Like his hero Alastair Crowley, who attempted a similar feat almost a hundred years earlier, his attempt failed miserably and painfully.  The film earned Aronofsky the Directing Award at Sundance and high praise from Roger Ebert.

Daniel Genis was a young and ambitious student at New York City’s elite Stuyvesant High School Continue reading

The Origin of Sin

We are born sinners.  In fact it’s the child’s job to push boundaries and break the rules.  Not everyone is born with a finely tuned moral compass, and so that’s just how we learn.  Of course, it’s the parent’s job to discipline with love.  The right balance is important: if the parent is too strict or cruel then the child learns that the rules are arbitrary and can be broken if no one is looking.  If the parent is too lax, then the child must either learn to police himself (with guilt and shame) or will simply continue to break the rules under the assumption that this is acceptable as long as no one says anything, and unintentionally develops the art of lying, manipulation, and self-deception.

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AA’s Satanic Roots

Alastair Crowley chafed at the long and oppressive list of ‘Thou shalt nots’ in the bible, as well as the hypocrisy he saw in the church in which he followed his father who was a traveling preacher.  So he dreamed up a new religion whose only law was “Do what thou wilt.”  He named it Thelema and spent the rest of his life trying to justify it through a grand unified theory of science, magic, occult and drug use.  He founded two churches in which to practice this religion: OTO (Order of Oriental Templars) and  A∴A∴ (Argentium Astrum – Silver Star).  

The primary purpose of the religion was of course to convince women to sleep with him or engage in various depraved activities and to not complain about it afterwards.  Unfortunately he never achieved much success and died poor and alone, and highly reviled.   Continue reading

And the Lesson Today is HOW TO DIE!

Simon Astaire has his personal imprint on many high profile calamities.

Elliot Rodger and his six victims

Astaire is the family’s close personal adviser and main link to the outside world.  “So many people are asking what could have led this young man to take the lives of 6 innocent people and injure 13 others.  So yesterday I spoke with close family friend and author Simon Astaire who knew Elliot Rodger since he was a little boy and witnessed his parents’ struggle to raise him first hand.”

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Pepperdine U Sues AddictionMyth’s Ass Off!

Pepperdine University today filed papers to “sue the ass off” AddictionMyth for “all he’s worth” for impersonating and plagiarizing Public Policy Assistant Professor Angela Hawken.  Said Pepperdine President Andrew K. Benton, “That despicable troll committed the crimes of Impersonating a Revered University Official and then Plagiarizing Sacred Academic Texts when he copied her research wholesale and passed it off as her own.  I mean, I believe in academic freedom.  But crediting ideas to their rightful owner?  That’s just outrageous!” Continue reading

A Conversation with Drug Policy Expert Angela Hawken

Angela Hawken is a professor at Pepperdine U and a drug policy expert.  She is author of the book Drugs and Drug Policy: What Everyone Needs to Know.  AddictionMyth recently sat down with the raging loon for an intimate conversation by email:

Angela Hawken:  You have a blog post “written” by me.  Except that I did not write it.  I want it removed from your site or attributed to the correct author. Continue reading

Angela Hawken Explains Addiction

My book Drugs and Drug Policy: What Everyone Needs to Know was actually written by three people: me and Mark Kleiman (UCLA) and Jonathan Caulkins (CMU).  Inevitably there were some discrepancies and inconsistencies in our positions, and this caught the attention of some our more pedantic readers.  So I would like to take some time to clarify them.  I hope to get us all on the ‘same page’ so to speak.  Better late than never, right?  Continue reading

Oh My Gods

There is no cure for addiction, but we have a program that will help you manage it: first you must turn your will to God as you understand him.  Don’t worry it’s not a religious program.  If you are Christian then your god can be Jesus, and if you are another religion then you may choose the god(s) of that religion.  If you are not religious at all, then you may choose Science, or “Good Orderly Direction”, or even AA itself: “Group of Drunks”!   Continue reading

Lie Like the Wind

So you want to attend AA but not sure if you’re really an alcoholic? That’s ok.  You don’t have to know for sure.  All you have to do is lie. That’s what everyone else does.  Confess your powerlessness. Say that you want to stop drinking but can’t.  No matter how hard you tried. Who knows what that even means?  Maybe it’s really true.  Embrace your alcoholism.  Wear it like a badge.  Re-evaluate your entire life in this new context.

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Undiagnosed Alcoholic?

Age 19

I wasn’t an alcoholic, but drinking alcohol always helped me with being more confident and sociable.

Age 20

The envy, rage, and feeling of inferiority I felt almost made me explode with rage right there at the party, but instead I went to the bathroom and vented to myself in the mirror of how much I hate Vincent and wanted to kill him. I drank a lot more wine that night, pouring myself glass after glass. By the time Vincent arrived after his party at Leo’s, I greeted him with drunken contempt, and drank even more wine. I drank too much.  When I got home, I began to cry because of all the emotions I experienced that night. Continue reading

Making Amends

From: Dale Berkley, Attorney at Law, NIH
Subject: Cease and Desist (retraction)

Dear AddictionMyth,

This whole satire thing has become tiresome.  So I would like to be completely serious for a moment.  I hereby retract my “Cease and Desist” letter regarding your satirical posts on our NIH Scientists.  It was blatantly unconstitutional and a chilling infringement on your First Amendment rights.  I blush just to think about it.  You would think I’d know better, as a Senior Attorney at a prestigious government institution.  But here’s the problem.  You see, I am an alcoholic.   Continue reading

Red Face Club

AddictionMyth is excited to announce the inauguration of the Red Face Club1.  This is the club that you join when you feel your cheeks reddening and burning because one day you let your mouth get ahead of your brain and then just when your brain catches up you suddenly realize that google has already indexed and archived your words for all eternity, and curse the fact that you live in America which really should be more like Europe. Continue reading

Cease and Desist!

From: George Koob, Ph.D., Director, NIAAA, a Division of NIH
Subject: Cease and Desist
Date: May 7, 2014

Dear Mr “Addiction Myth”,

NIAAA (a division of NIH) demands the immediate retraction of the false, misleading, libelous, slanderous, and dangerous article entitled “A Conversation with Addiction Guru Aaron White, PhD”.  The ‘interview’ is a sham and both your original questions and the answers kindly provided by Dr White were modified to make him appear ridiculous and disparage the Science of Addiction.  I can assure you he is an accredited scientist and it is a legitimate field of medicine and Nora Volkow is brilliant and may win the Nobel Prize one day for curing Addiction.  So what if she sometimes practices her acceptance speech at work?  That is none of your business.

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