Silly Robots

It’s amusing to watch as you slowly awaken from the mass delusion known as ‘addiction’.  However many of you are confused and disoriented as you try to find your bearings.  Which normally in such a situation I would say to relax and take a long drag.  But in this case I figured it would be more helpful to plug in the holes in your knowledge, lest you panic again and lurch dangerously toward the self-destructive idiocy we silly robots seem to get so enamored with.  (Don’t let a good crisis go to waste, right?)


Mornin’ ! Wakey wakey !!

I’ve compiled a list of the old propaganda to help you understand how we’ve gone so terribly wrong in the past, followed by recommendations for accurate education which will prevent such disasters from happening again in the future.  These messages focus on medical professionals, the public at large, and finally what to teach the newcomers.

Health Care Professionals

Healthcare professionals have been woefully misinformed about the nature of the suicide epidemic.  New public policy changes should start with them, because they are best able to understand and adapt.

Doctors have been instructed:

  • Opiate prescriptions lead to addiction.
  • We must crack down on prescriptions.
  • Use opiates as a last resort.
  • Chronic pain patients can become addicts.
  • Drug seeking behavior is indicative of addiction.

Instead they should be taught:

  • Prescriptions do not lead a patient to addiction.
  • Most addicts start with illicit drug use (not prescribed).
  • Addiction is not a disease.
  • History of lying often precedes excessive drug use.
  • Chronic pain patients do not become addicts.
  • Chronic pain patients may kill themselves if cut off.
  • Warn patient of suicide bullying risk if recommending 12 Steps.
  • Overdose deaths are caused primarily by suicide bullying and getting cut off – not addiction.
  • Encourage patient to try different things until you find something that works.
Public Policy Recommendations

Old messages:

  • Excessive drug use is a moral failing.
  • Addiction is a chronic, progressive disease.
  • Untreated addiction leads to death.
  • Addicts want to stop using but can’t. (Craving Lie)
  • Addiction is a public health emergency.
  • Addicts need treatment.
  • Treatment works.
  • Some people must be forced into treatment.
  • Addicts die accidentally because:
    1. they are just trying to get high and take one too many, oops.
    2. they are ignorant of the dangers of mixing drugs/alcohol, oops.
    3. their tolerance was lowered after treatment, oops.
  • Avoid opiates to treat pain.
  • Routine, random drug testing for professionals, students, criminals and welfare recipients.
  • Nonmedical drug use should be treated as a disorder or disease, especially among children.
  • Drug Courts are effective in reducing drug use, crime, prison time and suicide.

New policies:

  • Addiction is not a disease.
  • Illicit drug use or “denial” of it (or the consequences) is not evidence of the disease.
  • Some people go through phases of excessive drug use.
  • During this time their priorities may not square with yours.
  • You need not tolerate the behavior of the drug abuser.
  • Don’t believe everything an ‘addict’ tells you, even if they now claim to be ‘clean’.
  • Withdrawals are easily alleviated under medical supervision.
  • 12 Steps is a religious cult which kills by suicide bullying.
  • Rehab treatment usually requires the confession of addiction and powerlessness to your cravings and 12 Steps attendance.
  • The “Chronic, progressive, relapsing disease” theory is a religious doctrine without scientific basis.
  • It can be a very dangerous belief for some (and the people around them).
  • Addiction does not lead to crime insanity and death.
  • Most substance abusers moderate naturally over time.
  • Enforced abstinence often results in bingeing behavior.
  • High death rate from drugs is caused by intentional suicide not ‘addiction’.
  • Many overdose deaths are unreported murders.
  • Chronic pain can be very distressing and cause drug seeking behavior – this is not addiction.
  • Chronic pain can cause suicide – this is not addiction.
  • Opiates may become ineffective after a few months – this is not ‘addiction’.
  • Try other treatments until you find something that works.
  • Be wary of experts and media portrayals that promote a ‘crisis’.
  • It is in a child’s nature to test boundaries – this is not evidence of illness, disorder, or addiction.
  • We must provide children with boundaries and teach right and wrong.
  • Drug testing has proven to be costly and counterproductive.
  • Decriminalize all drugs, like Portugal.
  • Offer safe injection sites, like Denmark.
  • Do not coerce treatment.
  • Drug Courts are the Caliphate of the 12 Step cults and only increase drug use, crime and suicide.
  • Epidemiologists must better track the proximate cause of overdose (intentional vs accidental).
Education for children

This is the old propaganda:

  • Drugs make you do things you’ll regret.
  • Drugs make you commit crimes.
  • Drugs are addictive.
  • Early drug use damages your brain and primes it for addiction.
  • If you steal drugs from your friends’ parents’ medicine cabinet and you do this for months, this can cause a learning disorder that will make you steal drugs from your friends’ parents’ medicine cabinet.
  • The end result of drugs/alcohol use is jails, institutions and death.
  • If you do something wrong then you might have a mental illness or addiction or were tricked by militant islam.
  • Children need only love and inherently know right and wrong.

Teach your children well:

  • Medications are powerful and dangerous.
  • Take medications only as directed.
  • Don’t mix drugs because that can kill you.
  • People take recreational drugs because they want to and they stop when they get tired of it.
  • Drugs are not addictive.
  • Moderate drug use is dangerous but will not cause permanent damage.
  • Teach and enforce morality: right and wrong.
  • You are responsible for your behavior whether sober, drunk or high.
  • If you do something wrong you will be held accountable.
  • “Mental illness/addiction/devil/confederate flag made me do it” is not an excuse and will not be tolerated.
  • If you experiment, start with a very low dose.
  • Never let someone pressure you into drinking or taking drugs – they are not your friend.

Well I’m sure you’ll manage to completely misinterpret something I said here and end up screwing yourselves over again in your religious zeal to make everyone think you’re not.  To which I would only point out that “silly” originally meant pious.  Just sayin’.

US braces for July 4th 12 Step attacks

In an ominous warning issued jointly by the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security and the National Counterterrorism Center, all US law enforcers have been instructed “to be vigilant and prepared” for homegrown terror threats by Alcoholics Anonymous ahead of the July 4th Independence Day holiday.

caliphHouse Homeland Security Chairman Mike McCaul also advised Americans not to dismiss the government’s warning. Speaking to “Fox News Sunday,” McCaul revealed that “there is a great deal of meeting making, a high volume” based on 12 Step terrorist network communications, which greatly increases the likelihood of ‘relapse’. Continue reading US braces for July 4th 12 Step attacks

The Debunking of Addiction Pseudoscience

Dr Quackenfraud explains addiction

A little over a year ago, if you dared challenge the prevailing claims of modern addiction science, such as “Addiction isn’t a real disease” or “Drugs don’t make you rob drugstores” or “Blackouts are just an excuse for not remembering traumatic episodes of anonsex” the Steppers (and secret steppers) were quick to rain down on you a stream of insults and accusations of ‘ignorance’ and say, “This is established science!  You need to educate yourself!”   Continue reading The Debunking of Addiction Pseudoscience

Someone Call the CDC!

The Nazis slaughtered people by the millions in concentration camps and yet most who were told of this didn’t believe it, or thought the claims were exaggerated, or thought the speaker was ignorant, insane, in denial, lying, crazy and/or stupid.  In the terms of modern times they might have been called ‘delusional paranoid schizo’.  (Or ‘cray cray’ in the technical lingo of NIAAA Chief Dr. George Koob.) Continue reading Someone Call the CDC!

The Devil’s Lament

Allow me please to introduce myself.   My name is Lucifer and I am known as the Great Deceiver but you can call me Satan.  I’ve been around for a long, long time, as you know.  I was the guy who sat on Eve’s shoulder and whispered into her ear, “Eat the apple and you will be like God.”  Then she ate the apple.  I did the same to Adam.  So he ate the apple too.  Then God found out and Adam blamed Eve.  LOL.

Lucas_Cranach_d.Ä._-_Adam_und_Eva_Magdeburg-722x1024I continued my mischief for many centuries.   Continue reading The Devil’s Lament

A Conversation with Lisa O’Neil Guerci: SMART facilitator extraordinaire

SMART Recovery stands for “Self-Management and Recovery Training” and was created by Marc Kern as another front group for AA.  The strategy is to provide a softer, less religious indoctrination into ‘addiction': “one drink probably won’t kill you”, and then later suggest that you might be a real alcoholic after all (“one drink will surely kill you”) and you need complete abstinence as available only at AA.

Marc Kern also founded “Addiction Alternatives” in Beverly Hills with Dr Adi Jaffe.  Dr Jaffe is a UCLA addictions expert and self-proclaimed “master liar“. Continue reading A Conversation with Lisa O’Neil Guerci: SMART facilitator extraordinaire

Catherine S Hwang: Upholding A Proud Legacy of Government Propaganda

Catherine’s father Xi Luo was a Red Army propagandist famous for such bromides as “Confucius say: He who fights and runs away will be dropped in tiger pit wearing only skivvies.” And “The great Chairman knows Communism better than Lenin and Stalin put together.” After a falling out with Mao, he escaped China with his wife and lived in a refugee camp in Laos for 4 years before immigrating to San Francisco where they had their one child Catherine. The father taught the girl everything he knew about effective propaganda. Dr Hwang now lives out her father’s dream as a master propagandist for the 12 Step Caliphate’s ‘Chronic Progressive Relapsing Brain Disease Theory’ of drug addiction which although long since discredited is still being actively promoted by NIDA and their friends at Phoenix House and at AA meetings across the country. Continue reading Catherine S Hwang: Upholding A Proud Legacy of Government Propaganda

The Rape Agenda

President Obama signed the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act on March 7, 2013.  Among the new provisions of the Act is a requirement that universities provide prevention and awareness programs that educate students about prohibitions against sexual violence, including dating violence and stalking.  Many campuses chose the online course from Agent of Change, including Princeton and Northwestern (click the Campus button for the complete list).  Students must complete the course to register for classes.

The course is blatant brainwashing.   Continue reading The Rape Agenda

How It Works

AA is a haven for liars psychopaths and criminals to prey on vulnerable people and make them confess powerlessness and then bully them into suicide. Of course, they pretend to be pious and ‘reformed’ but they are just as dangerous ‘sober‘ as they were drunk not to mention they lie like the wind and their ‘sobriety date’ is meaningless. Just because someone says “I was a born liar and master manipulator” doesn’t mean they are now the pope of england. More likely they are a bully who will distract you with talk of ‘god this‘ and ‘god that‘ and ‘dopomine’ and ‘seritonin‘ and meanwhile assure you that your resentments will surely kill you because “that is the nature of our disease” and counter any claim you make with the accusation of ‘ignorance‘, ‘arrogance‘, ‘crazy‘, ‘need professional help’, ‘liar‘, and ‘in denial‘ and ‘Your words may kill the still suffering alcoholic‘. Well if that sounds like fun to you then go ahead and sign up. Otherwise I suggest you stay the hell away from that psycho cult.

Whose members will now demonstrate their despicable tactics for all to see: