Warning: Campus Rape Epidemic!

A Rolling Stone article last month described the brutal gang rape of a U-Va freshman.   It was strewn with cynical descriptions of a campus rape culture fueled by alcohol and privilege and the implicit threat of permanent social banishment for anyone who might object.   For the past few years, scientists and psychologists have been sounding the alarm about the dangers of binge drinking and the potential for alcoholism in teenagers both of which can lead to risky behavior including rape, and stressing the importance of delaying ‘first use’ until the legal age of 21.  Researchers propose early detection and intervention for problem drinking behavior, especially for young women.

The Rolling Stones article caused a national furor over the rape crisis including fraternity protests, but was retracted when not a single fact of the young woman’s account could be corroborated.   Of course, the damage had been done.  Fraternities were closed at least temporarily and the reputations of many young men were tarnished.  What about the rape crisis?  Recent data from the Bureau of Justice Statistics shows that in fact women at college are less likely to be assaulted or raped than their non-college counterparts.

The hysteria has died down for now, but will no doubt soon be reignited.  What’s behind this campaign to stoke the fear of a rape crisis in the college age community?  For regular readers of this blog you already know the answer: AA and the 12 Step cults.  The cults depend upon new members for its future leadership as well as a constant flow of new blood to abuse and exploit and brainwash into suicide.  Subsequent deaths count toward the mortality statistic that proves the ‘disease of addiction’ and can also be touted as morality lessons to impressionable young people: “If you drink or do drugs this can happen to you too.”  Some children believe the propaganda.

The reports of rape are promoted by the cult to scare society into supporting ‘early intervention’ for ‘problem drinking’ whether caused by binge drinking or full blown ‘alcoholism’, or even if no alcohol is involved.  Of course, ‘early intervention’ is just a euphemism for coerced AA attendance, since most substance abuse programs are intertwined with the 12 Step cults (even if they deny it).  The treatment’s survivors may eventually become ‘old timers’, the most persuasive apostles for the cults, with deep influence in all areas of government policy, law enforcement, the entertainment industries, and healthcare.  Some of the many front groups for AA include: Physician Health Programs (PHPs), Human Intervention Motivation Study (HIMS) for pilots, and Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs).  Admission of any drug or alcohol use will generally result in coerced AA attendance with various requirements of ‘progress’ including interviewing of the sponsor, and these programs are now being proposed for college and high school students.

In the 80’s they created a fake crisis of drug addiction ravaging our cities and turning our children into zombie criminals (‘drugs’ were considered the #1 problem in America for many years) which fueled a boom in law enforcement, mass incarceration and abusive treatment programs.  Drunk driving awareness campaigns that began in the 1980’s succeeded in reducing fatalities by 50%.  DUIs had been a prominent source of new blood for the cult, but as this source waned, the cult had to look elsewhere.   One new source is the very successful ‘treatment not punishment’ movement.  But for the more collegiate population, they now stoke the fear of a rape crisis and early onset alcoholism to drive them into the cult’s clutches.

Articles like the one in Rolling Stone feature multiple references to drinking, alcohol, beer and drunkenness to cement the connection between alcohol and rape – these are typical signals of the doctrine.

The 12 Step cults push the following propaganda to further their agenda:

  • The earlier the child starts the more likely they are to become ‘addicted’
  • Moderate drug and alcohol use can cause permanent damage to the child’s fragile brain
  • The drinking age must be maintained or raised
  • Drug problems spiral out of control quickly
  • Drug and alcohol use make children do things they’ll regret and have blackouts
  • Substance use makes a man more likely to rape and a woman more likely to get raped and is creating a campus rape epidemic
  • Addiction causes crimes and death
  • Addiction is a chronic progressive relapsing brain disease
  • Anyone can become addicted
  • There are proven effective treatments for the disease
  • Early intervention and treatment are critical
  • The disease is chronic and must be managed for a lifetime
  • Addiction is reduced by preventing or delaying substance use
  • AA is not religious and is a good treatment even if there are issues with it

The truth is:

  • Addiction is simply a lie by mischievous children taught how to behave like an addict by media and treatment programs
  • Drugs are dangerous and excessive use can damage the brain and body but they are not addictive
  • Children who start using substances at a younger age are fascinated by addiction and more likely to assume the addict identity, sometimes modeled by their own parents
  • Fear-based propaganda often backfires due to its rebellious appeal (e.g. “Just say no”, “This is your brain on drugs”, “Drugs make you do things you’ll regret and then you can’t stop”)
  • The higher drinking age actually causes binge drinking since they must restrict the behavior to a limited time period
  • Binge drinking doesn’t cause alcoholism, even if a history of it is offered as ‘proof’
  • Drug problems don’t ‘spiral out of control’ except for a person who is already intent on mischief, and there is not much you can do to prevent them from using drugs (or at least claiming to)
  • Blackouts have never been scientifically proven and are just an excuse not to remember embarrassing or illegal behavior
  • People drink to get drunk and to behave irresponsibly and only later claim ‘peer pressure’ or ‘addiction’
  • Except for perhaps the first few experiences, drinking does not cause irresponsible behavior or sex or rape, though people use it as an excuse for sexcapades (nor do they claim to regret it typically until many years after the fact)
  • There is no rape epidemic on campus and some reports of the crime are fantasized
  • Addicts who commit crimes were typically liars and sociopaths long before the first substance use and rarely die from overdose
  • Death from overdose is caused mostly by AA brainwashing of vulnerable newcomers into ‘powerlessness’ and intentional suicides
  • Addiction is not a disease – most excess drinkers and drug users moderate over time on their own without any interventions unless they get caught up in the 12 Step cults
  • Researchers present conjecture about addiction as ‘proof’
  • 12 Step interventions have never been shown to work except for the middle age drunk and are dangerous for young people
  • Early intervention only sets the child up for a dangerous cycle of bingeing and abstinence, and possible overdose
  • AA is a blatantly pagan religion and suicide cult
  • Addiction is simply a lie and liars make the best addicts

The next time you hear a news report containing such hype you can evaluate it as part of the 12 Step agenda.  Campus rape hysteria is manufactured by the 12 Step cults to revive the substance abuse crisis to promote ‘early intervention’ to increase the flow of young people into AA both for establishing future leadership and as a source of new blood to abuse, exploit, and brainwash into suicide.  And of course, it diverts attention from their own depravity.


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