NA Thug Johnny Panic Threatens to Shoot AddictionMyth!

NA thug Johnny Panic was furious at AddictionMyth for exposing the truth about his butt buddy Dan Genis.  So he ‘followed’ AddictionMyth on twitter and changed his photo to a ‘Gun & Skull’ as a threat to the blogger.  He then tweeted:  Just watched “how to get away with murder” it could easily become my favorite new show.



Dan Genis commented: “The man was always very gentle with me.  Even though we’re not in prison anymore, I still have great fondness for him.  So I won’t speak out.  Plus I wouldn’t want to be another one of his victims.”




Speedballing Dan Genis explains the politics of prison sex:

Dan Genis is a blogger for The Fix.

AA Threatens AddictionMyth on The Fix!

The Best Treatment for Alcohol Use Disorder Your Addiction Counselor Isn’t Telling You

Your RELIGION teaches that drinking causes crimes, thus one must be punished for drinking. That is a RELIGIOUS belief. Again, just punish for the crimes. And yes the laws are precisely what is at issue here. Juliet has a problem that JUDGES are sentencing people to AA. And I’d agree that’s just wrong. But you are so blinded by your fanaticism for your religion that you cannot see it.

Sorry, but my religion and my drinking coexist very amicably. I guess some people aren’t as fortunate. I wish you the best. Be careful. Continue reading

Psycho Stepper: A Chat with Drug Czar Michael Botticelli



The White House Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) demands the immediate retraction and termination of your irresponsible and dangerous anti-AA propaganda website (‘AddictionMyth’) claiming that all alcoholism and drug addiction is completely fake and all addicts are liars and that AA is a ‘blood cult of mischief’ and a ‘drinking club’ and a ‘sin mortgaging scam’ and brainwashes innocent people to kill themselves.  We have received numerous complaints from the public claiming that people have seen your website and refused life saving treatment, and many of those people have overdosed and died.  You have completely ignored our numerous complaints and now we must take decisive action to shut you down.

Alcoholism is a deadly brain disease that makes you drink and get drunk and do stupid stuff and then fall asleep.  I know because I suffered from it for years.  This disease has been proven by science, including the widely ridiculed blackout phenomenon, in which people get drunk and then get into fights and have unprotected sex of which they have absolutely no memory until drinking again or being reminded by a friend and then forgetting again such as if being questioned by law enforcement or a spouse.  This has been proven conclusively in mice and has been confirmed by multiple interviews with binge drinking college students.

I nearly died from my disease!  I had intense cravings to drink and then after the first sip I couldn’t stop until I was snorting meth and then I went up to my room to relax and the next thing I knew my ass was up in the air and some stranger was greasing me up!  Now who in their right mind would do that?  Every day for years???  Obviously it was because of the alcohol and my diseased brain bent on self-destruction and the constant message imposed on us by society and people like you that homosexuals are ‘supposed’ to drink and do drugs and have anonymous unprotected sex.  I tried to stop drinking many times and I tried everything.  Once I even tried mixing my own pee into my beer.  And guess what?  When I woke up the next day it was all gone!  If that doesn’t prove the ‘cunning and baffling’ nature of our disease then I don’t know what does!

You keep telling alcoholics to “have a drink, it won’t kill you.”  Well guess what, it will kill you!  Everyone knows that the alcoholic must remain abstinent for life.  We have a chronic, relapsing brain disease.  The delusion that we are like other people must be smashed!  In fact we have proof of people relapsing right after viewing your website and then having a drink and then running around like chickens with their heads cut off looking for whiskey and fat chicks and then spontaneously exploding!  You are trying to talk about something you know absolutely NOTHING about.  Nor could you ever understand the plight of the still suffering alcoholic!  We consider you to be a menace to public health and a greater threat to the US population than Islamic extremism.  And I’m not just talking about your treatment resistant scabies, which everyone knows you have, so please stop denying it.  I’m talking about your web site and if you don’t shut it down immediately I assure you that we will start a campaign of ‘shock and awe’ that will make our recent attack on ISIS look like child’s play!

I have dedicated my life to eradicating this infernal scourge, and I have proudly overseen the establishment of many ‘recovery high schools’ across the country that teach children that their brains are defective and bent on self-destruction and they must be eternally vigilant against their own deadly urges that will arise when they least expect it and must attend AA for the rest of their lives.  As vindication of this policy, many of these children have survived into adulthood.  Here’s me explaining it to the kids for the umpteenth time:


I really feel sorry for you.  You are clearly ignorant and hateful and arrogant and a narcissist. It is insane for you to challenge proven 12 Step doctrine and I can’t even believe the fellowship hasn’t taken care of you already.  You’ve made some very powerful enemies including the government which you accuse of colluding with AA in a grand conspiracy to indoctrinate the public into ‘demon possession’ to supply ‘new blood’ for the ‘cult’ to ‘abuse, exploit and kill’.  You even accused eminent government scientists of being elite ‘New World Order’ Illuminati and plotting to use ‘mass addiction’ to usher in a dystopian future like in the Hunger Games.  You have been diagnosed by our forensic team as a ‘florid’ psychotic paranoid anti-government propagandist conspiracy theorist with threat level ‘teal’ (the highest granted so far for a blog, congratulations!).

What you don’t understand about drug addicts is that if these kids are not at AA meetings they would be on the street committing crimes and joining militant islamic groups.  Or like me they would be drunk driving home from random hookups that they prefer not to remember all the details of.  Do you have no conscience??  At AA meetings they can learn to commune with a ‘god of their understanding’.  And yes it can be Satan.  So what?  We are spiritual NOT religious so as long as it helps you stop drinking then fine!  You are incredibly intolerant and closed minded and you remind me of the ‘Church Lady’ on SNL screaming “Satan! Satan! Satan!”  My Higher Power was a door knob for several months.  Maybe my ‘understanding’ left something to be desired when I started at AA, but it really helped ‘open doors’ for me lol!

I since progressed to greater understanding with the help of Oprah to control my weight and former Drug Czar Thomas McClellan to get over my crush on the intern down the hall.  They removed the ‘character defects’ that caused the resentments that powered the cravings that made me drink that made me sin, and I only relapsed 6 times (not 7 as you slanderously claim), and either way that is a lot better than most of the guys in my home group, let me tell you!!!  I now experience ‘serenity’ and a sense of awe daily that I never experienced when I drank and I am now happy, joyous, and free™!  If not for AA, these young people would suffer the proven fate of all alcoholics: jails, institutions and death™.  You keep calling it ‘brainwashing’.  Well let me tell you, our minds were dirty!  They needed a good washing!!  If these kids read your web site and decide not to attend AA, then apart from violating their probation, you are also sentencing them to HELL!

And your only sad response is that sentencing people to abstinence ‘sounds more like an islamic caliphate’.  After we’re done with you, you’ll be begging us to hand you over to ISIL!

AA works and it’s the only thing that ever worked.  It saved my life and millions of others and I have seen friends die from it sometimes right after attending meetings.  Of course you will say that’s a ‘big lie’ and that AA members use the strategy of “Lie and deny, then change the subject”.  Well I never said they were close friends who I knew personally and anyway I can assure you that addiction has been proven to be a brain disease in which the brain lights up like a pinball machine and is rewired and this messes up the reward center.  Of course that’s too complicated for your puny drug addled brain to comprehend.  You keep insisting that the science is ‘completely bogus’ and AA actually creates dangerous addictions because its members must admit powerlessness to ‘inert substances’.  Well alcohol is not inert.  It has demons in it.  Why do you think they call it ‘spirits’??!!

Government scientists have proven conclusively that the earlier a child uses alcohol and drugs, the more likely they are to become addicts.  Everyone knows that correlation implies causation.  This is a fundamental principle of science.  Did you miss class that day?? Children cannot be trusted with substances that have the power to possess their very souls.  We must enforce complete abstinence until they graduate college.

Today many children succumb to addiction because of the lax attitudes of people like you.  Fortunately there is AA, and I have sponsored many young people in it.  I help them discover the splendid pantheon of gods that AA makes available.  You should see how their young faces light up when I describe the wonders of Toto and Vishnu!  Of course you call it ‘exorcism’  and allege that sponsors abuse and exploit the newcomers or tell them to ‘go out and keep drinking’ until they are sure they really are alcoholic.  Well let me tell you that while that happens (there are crooks, cons and creeps everywhere) most of my sponsees are still alive and I teach personal responsibility to those willing to admit utter powerlessness to the demon juice and confess their sins and insecurities to me with ‘rigorous honesty’, assuming of course they choose the right god(s) and don’t die in the mean time, like those stupid liars Robin Williams and Philip Seymour Hoffman and Corey Monteith all of whom had just attended AA right before they died.  Well I’m sure you have some crazy conspiracy theory about that one too.

Obviously you were butt-raped in AA and I’m sorry about that but you really need to look at your role in it.  I bet you didn’t keep your side of the street clean and you are obviously constitutionally incapable of being honest and you no doubt left 5 minutes before the miracle was about to happen.  Well that’s your own fault.  Don’t blame AA.  Never have I seen someone fail who thoroughly followed my path.   Your pride and ignorance are truly monumental.  I don’t think there is a Higher Power in the universe who could help you.  Well it’s true what they say, some are sicker than others.  We have proof of your hypocrisy: In a 2009 online sex ad you described yourself as ‘9″ of mostly top’.  Well everyone here at the office got a good laugh about that one!!!

You may not publish this correspondence under Patriot Act Section 114.23(c), under threat of severe criminal sanctions and an exposé on your own shameful history, so don’t even THINK about posting it on your web site.   Here’s my advice to you: there is nothing you can do about it, so just STFU and forget about it.  You are POWERLESS to the Drug Czar!  And you can forget about hiring a lawyer.  All the free speech lawyers in this country despise you and would sooner kill themselves than defend you.  Plus most lawyers attend AA and hate you anyway.

You are obviously an addict in denial.  I see your type all the time, the prideful choad who is ‘too smart’ for his own good.  You will end up in AA eventually.  Don’t worry, we’ll be saving a seat for your sorry ass.

xox Mikey B, Alcoholic

P.S.  Are you really 9″?  Maybe we can work something out.


Alcoholism: The Lie Becomes the Truth

William James was born in 1842 and grew up in an age of rapid advancements in science and industry that promised to unveil the mysteries of the world and relieve man of his physical burdens. He studied medicine at Harvard and soon was teaching courses in physiology. However he is best known for his contributions to the study of the mind, and is considered the “Father of American psychology”. He founded the philosophical school of Pragmatism, which stated that the truth of a statement is nothing more than the usefulness to the person who believes it (a reversal of our intuitive sense).  He applied the newly discovered principles of Darwinism to epistemology: the most useful ideas eventually win out. Continue reading

AA: The American ISIS

Both Alcoholics Anonymous and ISIS believe that alcohol is evil and makes you do bad things.  Of course, ISIS bans alcohol for that reason.  But they are raging hypocrites, and their leaders engage in all the prohibited ‘evils’ including drinking, drugs, rape, and homosexuality, while forbidding those behaviors to the masses.

AA is a drinking club and blood cult of mischief with a similar dynamic.   Continue reading

Dan Genis: Aronofsky’s Robot Zombie

In Darren Aronofsky’s Pi (1998), the young protagonist Max Cohen is a brilliant Math genius at an unspecified downtown New York City university.  He discovers a 216-digit string of numbers that hinted at “The true name of God.”  Max tries to unite math, computers, drug use and kabballah to uncover the secret of the universe.  Like his hero Alastair Crowley, who attempted a similar feat almost a hundred years earlier, his attempt failed miserably and painfully.  The film earned Aronofsky the Directing Award at Sundance and high praise from Roger Ebert.

Daniel Genis was a young and ambitious student at New York City’s elite Stuyvesant High School Continue reading

The Origin of Sin

We are born sinners.  In fact it’s the child’s job to push boundaries and break the rules.  Not everyone is born with a finely tuned moral compass, and so that’s just how we learn.  Of course, it’s the parent’s job to discipline with love.  The right balance is important: if the parent is too strict or cruel then the child learns that the rules are arbitrary and can be broken if no one is looking.  If the parent is too lax, then the child must either learn to police himself (with guilt and shame) or will simply continue to break the rules under the assumption that this is acceptable as long as no one says anything, and unintentionally develops the art of lying, manipulation, and self-deception.

Continue reading

AA’s Satanic Roots

Alastair Crowley chafed at the long and oppressive list of ‘Thou shalt nots’ in the bible, as well as the hypocrisy he saw in the church in which he followed his father who was a traveling preacher.  So he dreamed up a new religion whose only law was “Do what thou wilt.”  He named it Thelema and spent the rest of his life trying to justify it through a grand unified theory of science, magic, occult and drug use.  He founded two churches in which to practice this religion: OTO (Order of Oriental Templars) and  A∴A∴ (Argentium Astrum – Silver Star).  

The primary purpose of the religion was of course to convince women to sleep with him or engage in various depraved activities and to not complain about it afterwards.  Unfortunately he never achieved much success and died poor and alone, and highly reviled.   Continue reading

And the Lesson Today is HOW TO DIE!

Simon Astaire has his personal imprint on many high profile calamities.

Elliot Rodger and his six victims

Astaire is the family’s close personal adviser and main link to the outside world.  “So many people are asking what could have led this young man to take the lives of 6 innocent people and injure 13 others.  So yesterday I spoke with close family friend and author Simon Astaire who knew Elliot Rodger since he was a little boy and witnessed his parents’ struggle to raise him first hand.”

Continue reading

Pepperdine U Sues AddictionMyth’s Ass Off!

Pepperdine University today filed papers to “sue the ass off” AddictionMyth for “all he’s worth” for impersonating and plagiarizing Public Policy Assistant Professor Angela Hawken.  Said Pepperdine President Andrew K. Benton, “That despicable troll committed the crimes of Impersonating a Revered University Official and then Plagiarizing Sacred Academic Texts when he copied her research wholesale and passed it off as her own.  I mean, I believe in academic freedom.  But crediting ideas to their rightful owner?  That’s just outrageous!” Continue reading

A Conversation with Drug Policy Expert Angela Hawken

Angela Hawken is a professor at Pepperdine U and a drug policy expert.  She is author of the book Drugs and Drug Policy: What Everyone Needs to Know.  AddictionMyth recently sat down with the raging loon for an intimate conversation by email:

Angela Hawken:  You have a blog post “written” by me.  Except that I did not write it.  I want it removed from your site or attributed to the correct author. Continue reading

Angela Hawken Explains Addiction

My book Drugs and Drug Policy: What Everyone Needs to Know was actually written by three people: me and Mark Kleiman (UCLA) and Jonathan Caulkins (CMU).  Inevitably there were some discrepancies and inconsistencies in our positions, and this caught the attention of some our more pedantic readers.  So I would like to take some time to clarify them.  I hope to get us all on the ‘same page’ so to speak.  Better late than never, right?  Continue reading

Oh My Gods

There is no cure for addiction, but we have a program that will help you manage it: first you must turn your will to God as you understand him.  Don’t worry it’s not a religious program.  If you are Christian then your god can be Jesus, and if you are another religion then you may choose the god(s) of that religion.  If you are not religious at all, then you may choose Science, or “Good Orderly Direction”, or even AA itself: “Group of Drunks”!   Continue reading

Lie Like the Wind

So you want to attend AA but not sure if you’re really an alcoholic? That’s ok.  You don’t have to know for sure.  All you have to do is lie. That’s what everyone else does.  Confess your powerlessness. Say that you want to stop drinking but can’t.  No matter how hard you tried. Who knows what that even means?  Maybe it’s really true.  Embrace your alcoholism.  Wear it like a badge.  Re-evaluate your entire life in this new context.

Continue reading