Twitter Shadow Ban

Help I’ve been shadow banned on twitter!  Search for “AddictionMyth” on twitter and my account doesn’t appear.  Also when I reply to others they don’t get my tweets.  If you care about free speech, please contact twitter and tell them to restore my account immediately!

“The world is too dangerous to live in – not because of the people who do evil, but because of the people who sit and let it happen.”
– Albert Einstein

Update 8 hours later: I think I’ve been un-banned.  Thanks to anyone who might have helped!

The Modern Man’s Manifesto for Everlasting Peace

“I googled ‘black on white crime’ and couldn’t believe what I seen!” – Dylan Storm Roof

Many people think Donald Trump is a modern day Hitler because he wanted to deport 12 million people and start a war in the middle east with his secret plan to ‘bomb the hell out of ISIS’ arm-in-arm with Putin and because of his contemptuous attitude towards the black community, e.g. “What the hell do you have to lose?” They say that he is appealing to the lowest common denominator in society, the low educated, middle age white men, who have lost status in this country and now want to persecute vulnerable minorities. However, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, Trump is a joke. He is good friends with the Clintons and is a patsy to discredit the Republican Party and elect Hillary. Furthermore, he is trying to monetize his run as if it were a reality show. Trump had no intention of becoming president and is laughing all the way to the bank.

Recently Trump has been criticized for his ham-fisted overture to the black community. He repeatedly criticizes them by pointing out that crime is endemic and the violence is worse than terrorist hot spots, and that they live in poverty and have nothing to live for. But in fact we now know that race is not a scientific concept. It simply doesn’t exist. It is a stupid and obsolete concept and should be retired. However, since racists still believe in it, we must continue to collect data on the population with respect to race to ensure that vulnerable minorities are not targeted and discriminated against by the crazies in positions of power.

People who still believe in race are mentally ill, but don’t worry, we have good treatments for such unfortunates. Yes they must be coerced into treatment in some cases, and we need to work out the details of this process. However, mental health professionals will be permitted to opt out of this regime if they object to it on principle.

Having started and lost World War I, Germans were despondent and vulnerable. Many had depression and PTSD after returning from the front lines where they were injured in many cases by their own gas attacks. Hitler himself suffered permanent pulmonary disabilities from the War. As a result of this, he wanted permanent war, and his ideas spread because the German people were susceptible to any cures that came along for their mental illnesses. Hitler offered such a cure by promising endless war and conflict, which he believed was the purpose of the ideal man, even if it meant the eradication of all the Jews and other non-pure races. But this was caused not by racism but by mental illness. For which we have effective treatments, nowadays, as previously mentioned. So it’s not a real problem, and unless we end up with legions of victims of PTSD from wars of our own making, such problems can be managed efficiently by current systems.

So the point is, Trump isn’t a modern day Hitler, like I was saying. Racism isn’t a real issue because Americans aren’t vulnerable to mass mental illness, and even if we were (and Trump runs again, but this time for real), we have a highly effective mental illness industry to treat us for it. By force if necessary, but all leading indicators suggest it won’t be.

We can look at France as evidence for the effectiveness of this system. They reject classification by race and ethnicity and now forbid such questions on official questionnaires such as their census. As a result, they can focus on real issues such as radical extremism, which represent an existential threat to the country. For example, the burkini is evidence of extremism (we won’t say the M-word, of course) and therefore must be banned. By establishing ‘law and order’ they can protect the country from the mentally ill racists, and avoid starting a race war. Similarly, Germans can focus on rooting out white nationalist radicals by door-to-door raids based on facebook posts that make disparaging remarks about immigrants, which are of course verboten. Because everyone knows that ‘hate speech’ incites violence – this is fundamental doctrine of European Secularism. The US could learn a thing or two from its elder cousins.

Countries with strong endemic cultures are strong and multicultural countries are weak. Obama is trying to weaken us by importing people from around the world who secretly believe in Shariah law and whose ultimate goal is to make us all submit to it. This explains why Guatemala is the capital of murder and crime in the Americas – they have an inferior culture. Having different moral authorities results in chaos, and any claim to the contrary is evidence of paranoid schizophrenia or lack of friends and close relationships. But don’t worry we have effective treatments for that. So even if Trump were a modern day Hitler (which he’s not!) we wouldn’t end up committing mass genocide against illegals, muslims or blacks because our mental health industry would put a quick stop to it with early intervention and treatment.

As Darwin explained, evolution works by the survival of the fittest. What this means is that the races are compelled to compete with and kill each other much like the lion eats the lamb without a second thought. But with modern day mental health therapies we can re-code our wetware without fear of disastrous consequences. And this is how the enlightened modern man can restore law and order and create everlasting peace in our once-great country and eventually the world. The greatest threat to western civilization is the re-emergence of the Abrahamic religions with their absurd conceptions of “God” that sow only war and strife and make us believe that race is real. Secularism and the eradication of race and religion is the salvation of the world.

Behold, the people is one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do. – Genesis 11:6

FBI Issues Fatwah Against Dajjal – Hasbara Trolls Pile On

FBI troll John:

You have no right to threaten and harass people, be that in person or online, and you and your poor misunderstood jihadists never will. better get used to it.

Hasbara troll Ariel piles on:

Dajjal hunt is better.

These are blatant threats.  They were issued in the comments in the article Europe Under Siege on The Atlantic.

The FBI and Israeli intelligence have banded together to create the “ISIS” hysteria: Israel instigates violence in the middle east while the FBI incites violence in the USA.   It is nothing more than a modern day witch hunt, complete with a fatwah against Dajjal for pointing this out.  Read the whole transcript: Continue reading FBI Issues Fatwah Against Dajjal – Hasbara Trolls Pile On

Twitter Death Threat

Twitter makes a big deal about death threats by tweet on their platform, and rightly so.  So why haven’t they removed this tweet:


Please notify twitter by flagging the tweet as ‘death threat’.

I’ve also notified the following people who this guys supports, but so far they have not responded to me.

  • –
  • –

In what universe is this fatwah acceptable? I feel like I’m in the Twilight Zone here.  What bothers me is not so much that Twitter won’t remove it, but that the ‘respectable’ people that this guy would listen to are silent.  Speak up!

“The world is too dangerous to live in – not because of the people who do evil, but because of the people who sit and let it happen.”
– Albert Einstein 

I will update this post if any changes.


Time to Cull the Herd

American police, military and the law enforcement industries create far more crimes than they prevent.  It’s sad when the people who devoted their lives to ‘protecting’ us now have to create violence and crimes to justify their existence.  Thanks for killing yourselves and others for millenia.  You’ve done a spectacular job.  Now your services are no longer required.  “Take thy penny and be on thy way.”

Selected Mantras of Radical Bombisism

“We must kill them or they will kill each other!”

“ISIS is selling themselves into international sex trafficking rings according to FBI sources, based on the testimony of developmentally delayed but otherwise perfectly credible alleged victims in the Minnetonka Somalian community who seen it happen. That’s why we gotta bomb the hell out of ’em!” Continue reading Selected Mantras of Radical Bombisism

The Patsy

An armed guard sits on a stool by the doorway of every shopfront on the streets of Jerusalem.  Their job is to prevent a terrorist from entering the establishment and killing customers and shopkeepers alike, in the name of the god or radical cleric to which they have sworn allegiance.  Private security is big business in Israel, comprising approximately 20% of the entire economy.  The premier agency of the industry is G4S.  They are a multi-billion dollar international conglomerate based in Israel.  They have set their sights on the US market. Continue reading The Patsy

The Somalian Candidate

The Libertarian Party has been infiltrated by military and oil industry operatives whose goal is to discredit the party by equating it with hedonism, libertinism and anarchy.  This was made obvious at the LP convention this past weekend in Orlando.  People jeered the candidate for supporting the state’s right to issue drivers’ licenses, and a fat guy strip-teased down to a thong.  The party’s philosophy can be summed up as “fiscally conservative, socially liberal”.  Yet these displays were cartoonish parodies of the principles for which responsible party members have fought for decades. Continue reading The Somalian Candidate

Addiction: The Compulsion is Real

Some people think that addiction is a moral failing, while others are certain it is a progressive disease of the brain. In fact it is neither: addiction is a built-in compulsion with roots in adverse childhood experiences that is triggered chemically by drugs and alcohol later in life. Excessive drug use is not in itself a bad thing – it is just a ‘short-circuit’ attempt to restore the mind to its natural state of symbiosis and equanimity in society, even if the material ‘price paid’ is very high. If not caught in time, however, the compulsion takes on a life of its own and can spiral out of control – resulting in overdose, death, or worse. Continue reading Addiction: The Compulsion is Real

Exposing the myth of drug addiction and alcoholism